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  1. Hi, I like the hood on the new safari 28 summicron, but I have a black M10P. Is it insane to buy a safari lens without a safari body? How could it look?
  2. Thank you Jonathan, for your nice review as always. I use M10P right now. I work mostly with newspaper work but on my time off I'll do some landscape photography. Maybe I'm old school, and I'm also shoot analog, but think about what you do with your pictures after you put them on instagram, twitter or facebook. I don't see any progress in quality on Jonathans pictures on my screen when I look at them from my M10P. If I'd printed the pictures I'm sure there would be some difference but not now. That sade, I might buy the P- version 😊
  3. It's probably normal, but it's not a green line because it depends on the motiv. I just checked my camera in LV and there is a band not so bright. I've not noticed it before so it must be normal. Don't worry too much, I don't.
  4. pweew, don't you use your camera to take pictures with??
  5. Hi again Dennis, I noticed, I did'nt answer your OP-question. That sad, my M's have not break down on me anytime when on assignment and I've had all of them from M8.
  6. Hi Dennis. I took a brief look at your pictures and it looks good. Would say that it's easier to stay with the camera that you're familiar with to do that kind of work, but if you want to challenge you're self. Why not take an M with you, might get some different pics. I work right now as a news paper photographer with a M10P with 50/1.4 or a 28/2 depending what I use on my Canon rig. Usually 16-35 or 70-200. Works beautifully, if I've a little more time for my subject I use my Leica to do their portrait, but otherwise I use the Canon as usual.
  7. I use my M10P a lot as I’m a freelance news paper photographer. I think, without knowing, that the black coating on this camera are some kind different from older M cameras. I’ve had many of them over the years M4P, M6, M7 with black chrome finish. The wear on my M10P seem to have a more golden look than the others. Nicer look to me as I also love the brassing on my MP. Hard to show in picture though.
  8. M10P with 28/2. This is the mode I'm feeling now in this time. Could have just made it with a nice blue sky, but again not now.
  9. Just a little more information. Wide open, 100 iso, nd 8. Elmarit 2.8/90 Leitz Wetzlar from 1960. Don't hesitate to buy one. I love mine. I also have the new 90/4, but you need both.
  10. Just took this picture with my 90/2.8 from the 60th. I had a good time alone in the woods, by my self. Waiting for the light. M10P with an ND filter.
  11. I agree, the black chrome on my M10P are very fragile. I had my old Leica leather strap with some metallic studs witch you can change the length with. Had in my bag one day and the metal scratched the top plate. I've tried to get rid of it but it don't work. Very annoying. I used the same strap for years with my black paint MP without any wear.
  12. Hi Bo-Sixten, I might used a leash from the same manufacture. I just cut the braided part and did a stitch instead. The leather ages wonderfully. Yours look nice too and I also like a little longer strap especially when it's cold outside and you wear big clothes. I'm also from Sweden btw.
  13. I'll do dog leashes, to camera straps. I've lost my summer income to corona virus so I might have found another way to make a living. ☺️
  14. Yes! I now walk my camera.😀 And yes I stitched it by hand.
  15. I've always looked for the ultimate strap and I've used many of them. Leica, Artisan etc. But for me it all comes down to the quality of the leather and simplicity. The strap I love to use is the old Leica strap that come with my M6, M7, but I can't use it with my M10P without getting hard marks from the plastic connector. The lengths of that strap works for both cross chest and axle. I'm familiar to work with leather and I've made many items for my own in the past years. I love leather and when I met my neighbor with his dog in his leash I'd know where I could find good leather. I went to my
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