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  1. Thankyou Steven , Now I did not suggest that your photographs were 'crappy,' and as we are all in a pandemic lockdown with rubbish weather finding something that makes a Leica 35mm APO sing is a tough call. Maybe they should have released the lens when it is more widely available and we are all out of lock down , then we could all be more creative. Regards Matthew
  2. Steven something worthy of such great a great development in photography , not something your dog created. Something with strong side light , deep shadows and texture . Bustling streets of people , scrub that were in a pandemic. Just do a study of light and reflections Regards Matthew
  3. matt736

    Leica M 10

    Still waiting on price confirmation in UK , about £5500 has been unofficially mentioned .
  4. matt736

    Leica M 10

    It could be a test / prototype camera and not the finished M10 . You quite often see these cameras turn up on Leica auctions as test cameras.
  5. The GPS in the multifunctional handgrip does require a reset of the M240 to acquire a GPS signal from my experience if this is any help. Try a reset of the M240 ,in the cameras menu and then switch off the GPS and switch it on , a signal should be acquired if the weather is clear within a few minutes. Remember to switch off the GPS to save battery if not required as it does increase battery consumption. I hope this helps, Matt
  6. matt736


    Hello Jason, Upon emailing LFI regarding my missing LFI8/11 it turns out that the credit card they were using to renew my account had expired back in June /11.I was only notified of this upon chasing up my missing copy ,which i received today. This might be worth checking as some credit cards have short expiry dates. Cheers Matthew.
  7. matt736


    A response from LFI,that I could do with a hand understanding ,it reads; Inhalt der Mail: Firma : Vorname : Matthew Nachname : Steel Email : Phone : Betreff: LFI 08/2011 not received Nachricht: Hello,I have not received my copy of LFI 08/2011 .Members of the Leica Forum who live in the UK have received their copies and said I should drop you an email.This is the first time that I have not received a copy,Please let me know if you need any more information from me, Many Thanks Matthew.
  8. matt736


    16/11/11 12:30, Still waiting ,no delivery yet. Who else is still waiting ? ,I think I am not going to receive this issue at this rate, Matthew
  9. matt736


    Anyone in the UK still awaiting LFI8,dont want to start sending emails if others are still waiting,as its getting well over due now, Matthew.
  10. Looks like Seal has already got his own ''special edition M9 '',that Leica has made for the AP Ffordes competition,same finish ,minus logo and lettering,different leather covering ,what do you think ?
  11. yesss... status now "packed"... as well !! this lens will really make the M9 a go everywhere with me camera, Matthew.
  12. Horazio, Any update on your order status as it is well over a week since I placed my order ,and still no change, Matthew
  13. Horazio, When did you order your lens ,as mine still says ''processing'' on the Japan Exposure website ,when I placed the order on 5/1 .I know Chris is still waiting as well,lets hope its not to many days/weeks Matthew
  14. Just look at the size of that viewfinder eye piece, that has to be full frame ,regardless it being an M9 or whatever they are going to call it .............
  15. Its not a rubbish lens,but just not designed for the M8,thats why i sold my noctilux and brought a 50 f1.4 asph which is smaller and better suited for my needs than a noctilux. As someone said earlier the noctilux was designed over 30 years ago with film in mind, Cheers Matthew.
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