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  1. Some of the best 190SL photos I've ever seen. I especially like #1
  2. Fabulous timing and good fortune
  3. Very nice. I'm glad did the follow-up.
  4. Tuna, Keith, Graham, Louis, Henry & MN - Thank you.
  5. Terrific. Generally I prefer the subject off-center, but this works very well.
  6. stuny


    Glad to see her again. I really liked the hat, makeup and pose of the other one. Got more?
  7. During our first visit to Australia in 1986 or so we went out to dinner in Sydney in "The Rocks." As we approached a parked Datsun something looked wrong - The back seat was removed and replaced with two live sheep. Since then I've almost always had a camera with me, usually a Q since it's so small and capable, but sometimes the Vlux 114 if I expect wildlife opportunities. Of course they both come along on holidays.
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