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  1. I've been using both away on holiday this week and definitely prefer the sharpness and contrast of my Elmarit-M ASPH II over my Summicron (Ver I). I also prefer the size of the camera in my bag with the Elmarit. And carrying in my hand for long periods. Different looks for each. The Elmarit is very much grabbing my attention with more vivid colours and separation (maybe because of the sharpness). The Summicron is more "moody" and more subtle in its rendering. The Elmarit is definitely sharper inc. to the corners. Even at f/2,8. Not sure whether this would still be the case with t
  2. I really regret selling mine during a period where I wanted the funds for a 35mm lens. It's fabulous and I'll be getting it again when funds allow. (Even though I also have the 28mm Elmarit ASPH II and 28mm Summicron ASPH I.)
  3. I did have the MC E-Mount version when I had an A7RII and A7S. I ended up with the M-Mount one in SC by accident. I saw a copy being sold at a good price on eBay and took a chance with whether I would be charged import VAT and I was charged. So I ended up with the SC at full price 😂 I don't regret it though. I used it in the hot weather this August, in the UK, and I couldn't say I noticed any flare or lowering of contrast at all. Infact the flare is far less than the E-mount MC version I had.
  4. Let us know how you like it. It's not the last word in image quality re. sharpness in the edges and far corners, but I do love mine a lot (SC version)
  5. Anyone here sent him a Contarex Super? He contacted me recently asking if I was still interested in buying one as he had one and I'd expressed an interest in the past (about 15 years ago), so he must be trawling his archived emails to look for opportunities. He also said "I'm always looking for nice camera equipment as you probably know. Doyou have anything you might want to sell at present?Best regardsPeter" This was in July this year and I'd already read the discussion about him on Dpreview.
  6. Yeah, that 7A model has a weird sort of adjustable cam. There are a few mentions online! I was quite relieved when the MD RF started working properly again. Luckily it didn't put the rangefinder out of whack either!
  7. I'm not sure if you have the same problem that I had without seeing your camera but and this isn't easy to convey in words... When I had the problem with the 7Artisans lens I was horrified that on the 262 body the arm with the cam on the end was sticking and impeded in its movement (when the lens was removed). What I did (and I don't really recommend it with hindsight) was I noticed the cam was a bit higher than usual in the space it occupies and the cam on the lens had very slightly marked the paint on the bottom of the arm i.e. the cam on the 7A lens had somehow pushed the mechanism u
  8. Thanks for that! Must be stupid then... I did hit the edit profile option but missed the member title at the top, duh 😭
  9. Ok, so I've searched using the forum search engine and scoured the various forums for related topics and used google to search externally but I still can't find any reference to how ranking and posts add up and how one's title can be edited or changed. Some users are "advanced users" and have made few posts and some have made a lot of posts and are still newbies. How does this work? Am I being stupid or have I missed the glaringly obvious? I shove in the right directly would be much appreciated 😀
  10. What lens are you using? I had problems with the focus cam on my 35mm f/2 7artisans lens and my MD262, because of the lens design. Try dismounting the lens gently and re-mounting it with the lens focused out to it's min. focus distance.
  11. Summaron-M Meldon Reservoir
  12. Summaron-M Horses above Meldon Reservoir
  13. Summaron-M Above Meldon Reservoir
  14. Meldon Reservoir 28mm Summaron, M240
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