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  1. Travel one camera one lens, the M of course ! Easy, light weight, fun to use and it slows you down ....which is a good thing. As to general photography. I don't have an SL, yet. I am seriously thinking of getting one this year to replace my Nikon and zooms. I'll grab that when I need to work faster and want auto focus Zooms. If you own them both keep them both. Your question is not an either or, they are two very different wonderful cameras....it a personal choice. One camera.... no choice do or die. Keep the SL, auto focus, easier to use, more versatile.
  2. "change leather skin on this camera" Now that is a GREAT idea for a 13 year old ...... She will simply love it !~ Best of luck ...show us pictures when she begins taking them 😉
  3. I would start with either of those "pocket cameras" ... She is still a kid and ideas are more important than shutter speed and controls. You don't want her losing interest as she will be of that generation where the phone will be her primary camera. Isn't photography more about expressing yourself than the technical stuff ? I'd go for a cheaper used GR as it would be more of a tool than a precious object....after all its meant to be used and knocked around. IMO
  4. Used diopters are everywhere, throw it out to the forum. Which one are you looking for? Why would you think anything Leica would be offered at a sensible price?
  5. OK I get it now: The term previsualization has been attributed to Minor White who divided visualization into previsualization, referring to visualization while studying the subject; and postvisualization, referring to remembering the visualized image at printing time. Still AF is simply a tool .......Art school was 50 years ago ...Give this old guy a break ...please 😉
  6. When started out I remember coating my own glass plates, processing them in a little tent by a stream with only my burro Bessie for company. We were men and that was real photography none of that easy stuff you kids have today. Seriously ........ In a word NO! AF does not make one lazy. This is the 21st century, AF is simply technological advancement...like digital photography. Or using a computer and PS rather than the antique silver gelatin process. That said I am better photographer for knowing how to use my cameras and for previsualization.
  7. I prefer buying things once that last "forever" Don't we all but we are in the world of digital photography change is a fact. Buying an expensive camera doesn't mean it's going to last longer or take better pictures...or even be the best choice. You could wait for the CL2 ..... it could be a year maybe 2 away ....no one here really knows...and how much "better" will it be? As for the SL2 FF ...... Great camera..... but would you carry it with you ...everyplace? Would you spend 30K for the camera and a few of lenses? Do you need that file size ? So
  8. experience Have you been to a Leica store? .......I think you can borrow a CL for a day? If it must be Leica, get a CL with with a normal zoom. Then get the 23f/2 (35mm) then the 55 to 135, then the 35mm f/1.4, then consider a wide angle zoom and then great Macro 60mm. I've been waiting for the CL2 for 3 years.....it wont be much different than the current model. Does waiting matter? Once the CL2 comes out you'll have a second body or trade you CL. Leica likes to do that. Be advised Leica is a drug. I assume you have money to burn?
  9. Please let say, better than my Leica's, I love Leica people more. I have a new granddaughter on the way...any day now! This little Printer will bring so much joy to my family. A trusted suggestion means everything. Jaapv thank you, for all the information you have shared with me over the years. thank you, for your patients and especially thank you for your kindness. Sincerely Evan Cohen
  10. Now there is a great poll! Your a moderator, how about you make one? How many us print our family photos shot with our Leica's? Or our phones for that matter? Who prints ? How often? What do you think the answer will be? I'm betting 90% of Leica owners never print a single family photo. Except the occasional 8x10 as a holiday gift? And even less with their home printer. Gazillions of photos made everyday. Start asking your friends "What do you do with your photos"?......It makes for a fun conversation. My favorite qu
  11. I couldn't agree more! the AA filter does handicap the Sony and many other family cameras. "crispness/micro contrast of the DNG's" But what exactly is a family camera? And does crispness/micro contrast of the DNG's really matter? Whats the deliverable product ? email, 5x7, 8x10, maybe the occasional 11x17 print. More than likely ..... posted to the web someplace at 120 dpi. I once handed my daughter a DVD with a family event on it (files reduced) She looked at me like I had 2 heads, rolled her eyes and said just email them to me. So I reduced them again a
  12. Sony Alpha a6500 with Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS lens and save yourself a bunch of money. oops wrong forum
  13. What % of Frances income comes from Wine and Cheese exports What % of Germany's comes from optics exports or does it matter
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