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  1. Wasn’t that a line from the movie? “Do you know how to use that, pointing to the camera around her neck or is that just German jewelry?”
  2. I never carry a camera hanging down around my neck. First of all it isnt cool and second it cuts the blood flow causing dizziness. Over one shoulder like you just don't care 😀
  3. Neck strap over your shoulder or across your chest. My preferred brand is Harry Benz When your camera is sitting on a table never, never let the strap hang over the edge of a table. A good rule for cameras or any electronics is not to drop them. At any case this is a very personal decision 🙂
  4. ECohen

    infrared camera

    These samples great. Thank you. This conversion will definitely get me more life from my X2 So 850nm for B+W work …which is all I’m interested in. and you prefer Kolari Vision?
  5. ECohen

    infrared camera

    I thought I had read someplace that there was an adjustment made to the auto focus. When the camera is adapted to infrared or just stop down since it’s landscape photography is my primary use. by the way thanks to all who are replying to this it helps to talk it through. I’m not sure whether my X2 has any trade-in value so I thought I could get more use out of it as an IR camera this excerpt came from Life Pixel FAQ Am I reading it correctly? Point & Shoot CalibrationSince point & shoot cameras come with a lens built into the camera we calibrate the camera to focus accurately with this lens only (obviously).
  6. ECohen

    infrared camera

    I was thinking that the X2 auto focus would be the biggest obstacle.
  7. ECohen

    infrared camera

    I have an X2 that I rarely use. I’m thinking about having a service like Life Pixel turn it into a dedicated infrared camera. Any thoughts?
  8. Yep that’s in focus. Great shot ….pretty girl.
  9. As to whether this is an argument or not? It’s quite entertaining. What a pleasant thoughtful bunch of fellows you are😀 I do enjoy this group.
  10. I'm getting confused. Could some one recap this lens discussion please ? "mental state of perspective" ? You choose a focal length the by the feeling in the photo that you want to convey and you move your lens to subject distance and compose with that focal length lens . Just talking about lenses Your tools are wide, normal and telephoto....camera to subject distance and camera angle. Am I off topic?
  11. To refocus the point, planing my 2022 camera and lens purchases would be a lot easier if my favorite camera manufacture would be less secretive . Nobody knows nothing;-)
  12. Sure seems like an awful lot of posts just to say that full frame has more shallow depth of field and less noise in lower light than APSC.
  13. We need to repeal the laws of Physics.
  14. Is the original photo on the CL‘s highest ISO of 5000? Then in post you are used noise reduction.
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