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  1. A victim of it own problems failing to fix up it own website bugs, sorry to see Leica Foto Park go, but it got to the stage to almost unusable making projects that never been fixed, so unLeica thing to do, probably shot themselves in the foot
  2. I am starting to think, that LFI Gallery and Leica fotopark should add a Model for the HUAWEI P9 as I am getting one next week
  3. Other times I just get a blank Magazine section without any LFI Magazines appearing this has been having frequently on and off
  4. This happened when the 3/2016 LFI issue was released I still can not buy any newer magazines and the 1960s old LFI issues I went to buy an issue to click the buy button it had the spinning gear for a minute and eventually timed out error I have good internet connection I have tried it through wi fi and 4g networks Still no better I tried using on another iPad no better I even tried un installing the app and reinstalling the app I have even tried logging out of iTunes and sign back in again I have even gone to Apple Store and tried to sort it out with the Genius Bar he installed it on
  5. I can not wait for LFI app version 3 coming soon, for some hints on facebook https://www.facebook.com/LFI-Leica-Fotografie-International-1529128720681202/
  6. GOOD NEWS!!! it looks BRILLIANT!!! over the moon, almost the same size as the LFI physical publication, same for M magazine
  7. Do anybody if the LFI app works on the iPad pro, and how does it looks? and it pixelated ? or only show partial iPad pro screen?
  8. I had a Leica C-LUX 2 and loved it for years then the iPhone came about
  9. http://www.smartaustralia.com.au/au/en/index/smart-fortwo.html Love that Smart car
  10. That good for you, I still believe technology will eventually allow it to go back to in former Dimensions and weight of Leica film over time.If Apple can do it to their iPads, I can see it can happen over time to Leica Digital M cameras, Going back to your statement I chose to get a Leica M9 over a Nikon D4 over the Weight issue, Due to Nikon have their heavy 24-70mm Lenses with a D4, my Back could not cope with that weight, I have always been a Nikon photographer since 1989 ,but this time I just had to knock back getting getting a Nikon,
  11. Not comparing to the iPads , the Point I am making the Leica film cameras are the thinest and the lightest, since the Digital cameras came out, they only got thicker and heaver and the trend is proceeding over time, maybe Leica Need Apple to show them how to make the same Dimensions and weight as the Leica Film Cameras?
  12. I have been hinted it is being hosted on a Windows server
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