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  1. Hi again Just a size comparison of my four viewfinders as well if it could be useful 😀
  2. Hi I still luckily manage to do my photography without glasses… even if my needs for glasses has really accelerated lately (I am turning 60 in a few weeks 😀). But I just did a brief test of my viewfinders aldo with glasses on… I own four external viewfinders for my Leica M´s: the Leica silver metal 24mm, the CV silver 21/25mm, the Leica 21-24-28mm and the Zeiss 21mm. Without glasses I rank the Zeiss being by far the best (biggest and brightest), the CV # 2 (small, bright and reasonsbly ¨big¨ view), slightly ahead of the Leica 24mm on third place (just narrow…) and with the Leica 21-2
  3. I guess I was very polite to OP in my first post… sticking only to commenting about which 28 or 35 to choose for your trip. But I must admit that I would have sneaked in my Elmar-M 50 just as Ouroboros would have… the perfect mini tele travel lens 😉
  4. I am just very very happy with my Lux pre-FE. And no focus shift worries. I see absolutely no reasons for switching to the FLE, but there are good reasons for not doing so 😉 ¨Awfull¨ hood though as you mention... (and I can actually also get the feeling that I could brake something when mounting it). But seldom use hoods... and if so, I have the 12466 anyway 😃
  5. The Summaron only... a nice pocketable set. Can only be envious about your trip 😀
  6. Maybe it is my equipment, but no photo available...
  7. No big art... but one of those small ¨big moments¨ in life. A newspaper, a cup of coffee... and eventually a glass of rosè... ☺️ M10 + 35 Cron IV wide open... you can see the typical halo`s at the coffee cup to the right
  8. Mheine, I intuitively get your point with your very short definition of ¨good glass¨ as being super sharp and high contrast (read; latest versions...). But thats possibly just me... 😉 That being said, and while I really like the look of the photo in your post 783 (agree with Steve about this ¨film like¨ or less contrasty look), I also always find it strange how much weight is put on lens performance based on screen appearance. With reference to other comments about judging total lens performance, prints are the only way to make «qualified» judgements in my opinion.
  9. Hi Ernst Don´t sell! I have never tried this lens, but despite my newly accuired 50 lux asph BC 😀 (and I also own a 50 cron v5) this pre-asph lens still tempts/bugs me… And a modern lux asph will always be available whenever…
  10. It is something about that 50 cron (v4/v5) that deserves some attention... must be one of the more iconic Leica lenses all in all and as such ¨fun¨ to bring along in a life with Leica 😉 and should be within reach of budget
  11. Definition of ¨junk photos¨? Too easy or sloppy use of the term?
  12. 😀 Have that tiny little Elmar-M in chrome myself... on chrome bodies. A real charm to use! And welcome to the forum!
  13. Hi and thanks! This picture, however, is only to a lesser degree about this lens! This picture is about the photographer! Just very very nice! 👍☺️
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