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  1. I bet the rememberance of the IV drawing is still in you… 😉
  2. I assume your comments are based on your dslrs are all full frame? 😉
  3. One like this... and with red blind as well...? 😊
  4. Sorry... I was somehow totally predisposed concerning you asking about the Cron asph and not the Elmarit asph. Feel really stupid now! But my comments in themself might still be somewhat relevant... 😉
  5. Hi I own both. And I fully buy in on Adans ¨analysis¨ and also personal preferences. I started up with he asph, but always felt that ¨nervousness¨ as well (not as ¨nervous¨ as the Elmarit asph which I sold... but still). So getting a nice copy of the v4 really ¨landed¨ the 28 quest for me... Very very happy about its drawing. I still keep the asph though... ¨never sell a Leica lens¨ 😉 So I guess bottom line is: keep the v4 and do not spend the money on the asph...
  6. Immediate comment; do not sell any to buy others… if required, wait… PS: my first Lux was the 35 asph pre-FLE and I am just so happy about it. A second PS: even if not being a 50s guy, I am currently starting to explore my new second Lux 50 as well… PS 3; I firmly believe there will be no more Luxˋes in my life 😉
  7. Immediate possible reasons for switching to the 11 (have a regular M10); battery life and shutter speed (nice to get rid of a couple of ND filters for my Lux´es). But my no means enough to switch… at least not now 😉
  8. Thanks! It is the «inner glow in the blacks» or «fatty blacks» feeling I like… Could clarity have something to do with it…? Use LR and no SEFEX myself.
  9. Same request as to your previous pic about adjustments 😀
  10. Thanks! Any hints on any adjustments used in PP? I really like the slighty dark and dramatic look...
  11. Happy new year to all! 21 (1) 24 (1) 28 (2) 35 (2) 50 (3) 75 (1) 90 (2) MATE (1) regards,
  12. I can copy Gobert on this one. Being a 35 guy for ages, I now tend to like how the 50 both challenges a bit more than the 35 by being somewhat narrower... and at the same time often facilitates ¨cleaner¨ pictures in the sense that fewer elements naturally are included... Understandable?
  13. Most has been stated here. I have this lens and no problems with vignetting. Definitely right hood… same hood was also supplied with my 21mm Elmarit asph. I also use a rather ¨fat¨ Leica filter. good luck
  14. Hi guys Just a few hours after taking this picture in post # 128 above I managed to ¨wipe off¨ the MATE from the shelf shown, a shelf being placed appr 170cm above the floor. My first drop of expensive camera equipment ever... The lens bounced on a desk on its way down beforej hitting the wooden floor. I picked up the lens feeling totally convinced that something mst hav been broken. In my eyes this lens is a very complex and potentially not too sturdy lens. However, the lens remains supertight with absolutely nothing wrong. I guess I was lucky the hood was mounted. In enclosed picture You can see a major bump in it... however, still mounts effortless. Through this experience I must admit that I have had to adjust my thoughts about the solidness of this lens. And also about the protection old school hoods can provide. Reliefed & happy now!
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