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  1. My Black Chrome version (which is also in brass...) weighs appr 450 grams with the modified hood. Which I do believe is pretty much the same as the silver chrome version...
  2. None! Part of story is that I have purchased 14 Leica lenses in my life… and sold only one, the 28 Elmarit asph v1. I have always been very hesitative to sell off lenses being afraid of regretting doing so. So this is the only one sold… and with no regrets what so ever. A small, handy and very ¨ sharp¨ lens, yes… but also more ¨ harsh¨ and not as pleasant as any of my other Leica lenses. I now own the 28 cron v1 and the 28 elmarit v4 and very happy.
  3. Great reading Jonathan! I feel the urge sitting here with my rather new 50 Lux asph bc, to ask if you think your descriptions/profiles overall also count for this lens? I ask since I do believe that Mr Karbe once suggested that this Lux is also designed according to ¨apo principles¨… Or is there even more to the lenses that actually carry APO in their names?
  4. Hi and thanks s lot Ian I will give Van Mannen a try 😃👍🏻
  5. I got hold on a nice copyas well, with orginial hood and lens cover. Really nice lens and nice drawing. However, with some ¨haze¨ or fogging on the lens element right behind the aperture blades. An occurence I believe is quite common with this lens. While pictures ¨behave¨ well, it would still be nice to get this cleaned. One of a very few ols-school camera technicians in my country gave it a try, but was afraid of breaking something when trying to open the lens. It was obviously very tight. I have never sent any lens to third party service abroad. Any suggestions for a good place to ship
  6. I own muliple 28s, 35s and 50s… including Luxˋs and asphˋs. But one lens seems to be the most frequent go-to lens and that is the 35 cron v4 silver. Why? I don´t have one straight answer… but it is just right, nicedrawing, small and ¨safe¨… This was my first Leica lens back in the nineties and has become a true buddy.
  7. Hi And a very nice wrap-up of a long story… I was one of those (stupidly enought) that was caught by surprice by this filter/hood issue AFTER receiving my BC 🤪 Status now is that I have received the free replacement hood from Leica. But still tend to use the lens without the hood 😉
  8. My first Leica lens was a 35mm… the second a 50mm. I firmly believe that that would we my choice again if starting over 😉
  9. Hi again Just a size comparison of my four viewfinders as well if it could be useful 😀
  10. Hi I still luckily manage to do my photography without glasses… even if my needs for glasses has really accelerated lately (I am turning 60 in a few weeks 😀). But I just did a brief test of my viewfinders aldo with glasses on… I own four external viewfinders for my Leica M´s: the Leica silver metal 24mm, the CV silver 21/25mm, the Leica 21-24-28mm and the Zeiss 21mm. Without glasses I rank the Zeiss being by far the best (biggest and brightest), the CV # 2 (small, bright and reasonsbly ¨big¨ view), slightly ahead of the Leica 24mm on third place (just narrow…) and with the Leica 21-2
  11. I guess I was very polite to OP in my first post… sticking only to commenting about which 28 or 35 to choose for your trip. But I must admit that I would have sneaked in my Elmar-M 50 just as Ouroboros would have… the perfect mini tele travel lens 😉
  12. I am just very very happy with my Lux pre-FE. And no focus shift worries. I see absolutely no reasons for switching to the FLE, but there are good reasons for not doing so 😉 ¨Awfull¨ hood though as you mention... (and I can actually also get the feeling that I could brake something when mounting it). But seldom use hoods... and if so, I have the 12466 anyway 😃
  13. The Summaron only... a nice pocketable set. Can only be envious about your trip 😀
  14. Maybe it is my equipment, but no photo available...
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