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  1. Hi again And thank you Adan and Jaap (probably the two most knowledgeable people in this forum 😀👍!)! A simple infinity test show that all of my other Leica lenses (10 lenses of which more than half are quite recently serviced, the M10 body was also newly serviced to work properly with a MATE) are spot on. While the Apo 75 and 50 lux bc are (slightly) out. I think I will leave the apo 75 as is. But the beautiful & new out of the box 50 lux bc is really irritating. Jaap commented that I should send the entire set in. But could it still be sufficient to ask for a re-calibr
  2. Hi I just felt the urge to forward my little ¨frustration¨... I have a newly serviced M10. And a newly service APO 75. But I still have a challenge of getting the focus right (front focus) with this combo while I am OK with all other lenses (from 50 and wider...). Consequently I have chosen to and learned to live with this However, when receiving my new 50 lux BC, I again experince a very slight front focus when fully open. Really marginal, but possible to give that very very little additional twist with the focus ring to get it right. Question is; is this something that
  3. And to get the balance right.... same camera and same lens, but with a promise about a summer coming up...😎
  4. M9 + 35mm Cron V4 wide open, no adjustments A swift walk in the wet & foggy autumn forest... a home turf for this lens...
  5. Hi A highly unscentific comment from my side... I ownde the V3 for about a week, but returned it due to shape (missing hod nod, lose focus tab etc). However, I was really charmed by the rendering/¨softness¨ of this lens. I guess Adan puts it better in words than I do. I then got the chance to buy a really nice copy of the v4. And in my eyes this lens hits my ¨hot spot¨ concerning rendering. Still unclinical, but crisper & more ¨lucid¨ rendering than the V3... (a clear/obvious step towards the more modern to use that term) So conclusion is that I would have bee
  6. Hi I think your wish for photos is very reasonable and deserve informative replies. I my self, however, can not help as I have chrome bodies, but no safari lenses. The combination in my eyes looks ¨fresh¨ though 👍 The very best from Stein K S
  7. Hi There is only one Elmar-M 50... with the -M... and it is this one or? However, there is the M6 anniversary version which could be misinterpreted as a last edition maybe?
  8. Well, I have this lens (along with 2 other 50s and a few other focal lengths). And while I have never really bonded to the drawing of this lens, I will for sure also always keep it! Size is also of course part of the picture... (the lens is one of my most used travel lenses). And handling is both charming and also fast with its short focus throw. Concerning drawing, I am rather ¨split¨. The lens is more than sharp enough... and a lot of times with the really nice ¨soft¨ sharpness that I like with most of my other Leica lenses also. But under certain (lower) light conditions I can al
  9. Hi and thanks a lot Kwesi! I will pursue this option! PS: This means that you do not us this base for no purpose right now?! And did you handle this through Leica New Jersey or did you initially contact Leica Germany directly (if so; how... customer service?). And any cost...? Regards,
  10. Hi again Patrik To get it right... they did not modify the original hood, (this one you kept all the time) but sent you a new modified one upon request? Is this new hood a modified brass one as well? Hope its OK that i am still asking questions!
  11. Now I see. How did you go about it to get it done? I thank you for all guidance 😀 PS: ...and no vignetting caused by moving the hood a bit out...?
  12. Thanks, but hard to see what the «solution» is about. Still stuck with this «problem» lens & still curious 🤨 ... but wow, the Kevlar version... soooo nice 👍😀
  13. ... and yes, the IV can of course flare, like all lenses... but who cares... or is it even rather nice? ☺️
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