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  1. M2, 50DR, IROOA and glasses (mine always fog while wearing FFP2 mask 😷 on board a train)
  2. For hiking and in calm weather I've been using a Gitzo GT2542 T for the last 9 years. Combined with a Linhof 3-D Levelling Head II and Arca-Swiss-compatible plates it carries my Leica M2 (hardly ever), iPhone 8 (when recording a welcome video clip for my students) or Linhof Master Technika (most of the time) under such conditions. In windy or even stormy weather and closer to home, a Gitzo Series 3 GT3543LS does the 4x5-job. It is very expensive material, yes, but it's also relatively portable and, most important, reliable. I carry either the larger or the smaller tripod on my bicycle, using
  3. 135: M2 + Summicron 50mm DR 4x5: Linhof MTC + APO-Sironar-S 150mm
  4. Later that evening, at the village parish fair. M2 with Summaron 35 f/2.8 on HP5
  5. Interesting! The serial number of yours is just a few hundred after mine. They're from one of the last batches that were released Sept. 30, 1966.
  6. You're right, I also like the IOORA shade on the Summicron 50DR very much.The other lens I use with the M2, however, a Summaron f/2.8 / 35mm, looks better with the all-black 12585 shade. I know it's historically "incorrect", the lens being from 1959, but the matt chrome part of the IOORA doesn't quite fit the more glossy surface of the Summaron's barrel.
  7. Horses for courses: Linhof posted this on their Instagram. I think there’s enough M2 in the picture to justify showing it here, too. My two favourites. 😍
  8. That‘s close to “the better idea of a mouse trap”, as Erwin Puts called it while praising the Summarit 1:2.5 / 40mm: https://photo.imx.nl/camera/styled-32/.
  9. Hi Peter, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with the Nokton! I haven't tried a 40 on a Leica body yet. It seems to be an ideal focal length for any 35mm camera. Could be an option for the long winters we have here on this side, too. Norbert
  10. I second this. The Summaron 35 is a gem to use, as is the Summicron 1:2/50 DR. These two in combination with my M2 has brought me back to Leica.
  11. Dieses Posting sehe ich jetzt erst. Schönes Motiv! Die Technika ist klasse. Ich führe sie nach wie vor gerne aus und genieße die Momente sozialdistanzierten Rückzugs unter dem Einstelltuch ...
  12. Mir wurde die Aussage eines Leicamitarbeiters zugetragen, dass solche Sonderausgaben ausverkauft sind, noch bevor die Nachricht ihres Erscheinens einmal den Erdball umrundet hat.
  13. Hi Joachim, nice to see these memories. Thank you for sharing them! I was in the Netherlands at the time; now I‘ve been in Berlin for three years. Older indeed, wiser not necessarily .... After I quit Leica a while ago I got myself a beautiful M2 and 50DR last month, which I take everywhere as if they were a smartphone. I hope you’re doing well.
  14. Tempelhofer Feld an einem Wintermorgen mit von hinten von der Sonne illuminierten Rollbahnlichtern. Funktionieren! 🙂 Aufnahme mit Linhof MTC und Apo-Sironar 180mm auf Portra 160, endlos komprimiert.
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