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  1. Sony A7RII + Novoflex R->E adapter + Leica 100mm f/2.8 APO-Macro Elmarit-R 3-Cam lens.
  2. The Digilux 2 raw files have the .RAW file extension and are about 9 megabytes.
  3. Resurrecting this thread. Got a D2 off of eBay...just arrived today. Described as "near mint", to which I would agree...strap and hood have not been used. It's pretty pristine...However serial number on box (above 30xxxxx) does not match camera (298xxxx). Wonder what journey this camera took?! The seller speculated it was a new camera that was sent in (long ago) for a sensor replacement (Leica doesn't do that anymore) and was never returned to a customer or sold and sat on a shelf. Was looking for how to find shutter count and found this thread... See my results. I'm a happy camper!
  4. Hello, so the charts in the links below, and the R-E manual indicate that TTL is possible on R-E with the SCA 351 adapter I am using with the Metz 32 Z2 flash. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/FrameWork/charts/comp_metzflash_leica.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/FrameWork/charts/comp_metzflash_leica_2.html The flash fires, but before and after firing, the red triangle in the top right of the viewfinder flashes continuously...it's flashing faster than the 2 flashes per second I would expect (probably like 3-4 times a second), no shutter speed is indicated, and then less that the 8
  5. @a.noctilux Awesome, thx! Can you tell you're dealing with a Leica newbie? 😉
  6. Is that that little round black rotating knobby-thing just for decoration?
  7. @TomB_tx Thx for the reply. I was about to walk away from it so as not to damage it!
  8. OMG. Figured it out: you have to lift it away (spring-loaded), and then rotate it. Weird and somehow not intuitive for me (someone who has handled many non-Leica lens hoods)! When you put it on the front of the lens, there is NO spring action...just engaging the stationary cams on the barrel. Only the storage mode has spring action.
  9. Hello, Can anyone tell me how to remove the hood on this lens that I just received? It's reversed in the stored position exactly like in the attached photo (same type of lens), but I can't get it off (or can't figure out the procedure for getting it off!). When I pull on it, it's spring-loaded somehow...that little circular dial moves when push it towards the mount, but the hood will still not come off. Gah! Help? And here's a video showing the hood off the lens, just so you know I'm not crazy and that I should be able to remove it...
  10. Glad I spotted this thread...I ordered two of the Sigma BP-51 batteries from B&H late yesterday; they just shipped them to me. Same EXACT specs (voltage/amp, etc.) as the Leica battery (some of the other recommended batteries have different voltages/amperages). $40/each. Ordered two to get free shipping. (probably the same battery, just rebranded)
  11. BTW, HoudahGeo will (optionally) use GPS4Cam's track logs for those of you that are a fan of that app (and can access it in your country)...
  12. I don't use Apple's Photos either (too invasive!), other than for temp storage for photos taken with my iPhone. I have other better and safer photo-archiving methods. I put the .dng files in the documents folder on my Mac and drag and drop them into Houdah from there for geocoding, and then move them to my Windows PC when done. No participation from Photos required.
  13. Just to follow up: The GPS4Camera (not GPS4Cam) is a bust for me...while the programmer is a nice guy, I think the app is more of a hobby venture for him and it's not quite ready for primetime. I have two workable and acceptable solutions now: I found HoudahGeo (Mac only, https://www.houdah.com/houdahGeo/), which is only 43 USD (39 Euro). I like it! It supports RAW files. 🙂 Basically I can use my Cyclemeter phone app (https://abvio.com/cyclemeter/) to track my route when walking/riding/hiking, and then export a .gpx file from that and import it into HoudahGeo. HoudahGeo then e
  14. @jaapv You're confusing "GPS4Cam" with "GPS4Camera", which are two different apps. GPS4Cam (recommend here in the forum) is not available in the US.: http://www.gps4cam.com/ Apps in the Apple App store are regulated/restricted by country. Apparently GPS4Cam is not flagged for use in the US. GPS4Camera is in the US App store, and apparently also in the Netherlands App store (look at the app name in your screenshot), and is the one I was experimenting with yesterday...
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but: "GPS4Cam" is not available in the Apple App store for the US. (Their last blog entry is from 2014?) GPSPrune is java-based (security risk) and does not handle RAW files (e.g. .DNG), only .jpg files.
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