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  1. Leica brings optical expertise, camera design, fine-mechanical expertise, microlens patents to the mix. Panasonic video, electronic components, sensor technology, manufacturing capacity. Sigma... ??? The only thing I can think of is bayerless sensor technology. And maybe money? The company missing, BTW, is Olympus.
  2. Geometrically completely impossible from mount sizes , not to mention that MFT lenses do not even begin to cover full frame.
  3. I don’t use M lenses on the CL that much. The SX 24, Summicron C 35 and Summicron 35 ASPH certainly improve .
  4. In that case you will find manual focus @ 1.4 a bit of a challenge... Use a Summilux 35 TL @ ISO 1600 Plenty of light for that. Very clean.
  5. ISO 3200 needs f 1.4? What are you shooting? Black cats chasing mice in a coal cellar?
  6. I fully agree - let's hope it is true. My GX8 feels like a Leica. I can think of one negative though - Panasonic tends to Buttonitis.
  7. Well done! I'm off to Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Botswana in a few weeks time. I'll surely post some shots then APS-C and MFT - I guess my whole bag will be the weight of one of your cameras
  8. I don't concur. M lenses will perform better on APS-C as the camera will be using the sweet spot of the lens and cutting off the weaker edges and corners. Provided, of course, that the APS-C sensor is at a same quality level as the FF sensor. Which, in the case of the CL, it is. I attribute that to the greater freedom in designing the filter stack. TL lenses on the CL are hard to distinguish in quality from M lenses on the M. The price difference is mainly due to more rationalized production in Japan, more design freedom because of fewer size constraints and less optical glass used.
  9. Possibly, but what has that to do with me answering Jayant's question??
  10. Saddlebill Stork, that's a huge slow one. Nice shot BTW, was it walking by? Give me a BIF
  11. No. The pixels (sensels) of a Foveon sensor are three-layered. Thus the acceptance angle is limited and crosstalk is a problem. I'm not surprised that you like the acutance - there is no Bayer filter.
  12. You don't need to sign your photographs - I can recognize them instantly. Beautiful shot!
  13. jaapv

    High ISO - M10 vs Q

    Hand-soldered in Germany too.
  14. There is still the geometrical difficulty of matching the mounts. There is simply no room for an adapter.
  15. If true - at least this guy is building a website on the assumption - it does sound like a Kaufmann rabbit out of a hat. Interesting times.
  16. Given that the CL is very close to the SL in use and quality, that would depend entirely on size and weight.
  17. A Foveon sensor would put an end to the use of M lenses unless there is some revolutionary new Foveon technology. R lenses would do fine.
  18. This has nothing to do with firmware. Don't get yourself into the hassle of a repair. With Leica USA it is a lottery and under USA rules you might have to deal with a guaranty refusal as you bought the camera used. Take your refund and let the seller deal with it. There are plenty of nice Monochroms on the market.
  19. Looks like a serious issue - presumably it is still under guaranty for the sensor replacement, but I would return it for a refund.
  20. After you've seen the files out of the CL you'll never look at the Fuji again...
  21. And here is the SX24 on the street at night
  22. I use the Summilux for low iight, atmosphere, etc. and it is amazing on the CL, even more so than on any FF camera. However, it is expensive and heavy. For travel I will take my miniscule Summicron C 40, vastly improved by the APS-C crop, more or less standard focal length, plenty fast on the High-ISO performing CL. Just a few flare test shots I took yesterday. Not disappointed, in fact, rather impressed (without lens hood!)
  23. Not really, as it complements the M film camera forum, just like all digital camera forums have their own image thread.
  24. Great! However I would deemphasize the bright foreground objects a bit - they tend to draw the eye away from the Aurora, which should be the main subject.
  25. Focus shift can be avoided by focussing stopped down.
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