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  1. I think you will be hard put to discern any quality difference between the three native CL zooms. If pushed to the limit, the 55-135 might possibly be the best of the three, but in practical terms you will never see it. All are equally good.
  2. The focal length of a lens (expressed with the lens set to infinity) can never change. What can change is the angle of view which is determined by the sensor size. An adapter will not change the sensor size. So for instance a 35 mm lens used on an APS-C sensored camera like the CL will have the same angle of view as a 52.5 mm lens on a full-frame camera. But it will remain a 35 mm lens. There is no additional distance to the sensor by the adapter. It will be exactly the same as the sensor distance on an M camera. The only thing it does is compensate for the shorter register distance o
  3. Yes, you get a list of options, which you can either switch on off. You can switch a maximum of eight to "on". One by one as you scroll through the list. Hard to see how one would do all at once. Live view means that you have the rear LCD switched on. The rear FN button is the button on the rear engraved "FN". I just picked up the camera, took twenty minutes to figure everything out empirically and then went through the manual to pick up any points I missed. Crystal clear, despite some awkward translations. Don't try to overthink things.
  4. This camera is so easy. walking the dogs, see, aim, shoot. 18-56 Busy-busy
  5. Like any postprocessing software, C1 must be calibrated to your specific camera. I always do so for every new camera, preferably for different light situations. Use an X-rite Color Checker Passport. It is a very easy - but essential if you care about colour- step. https://fstoppers.com/capture-one/how-use-your-colorchecker-passport-capture-one-232865
  6. Never had any specific flare issues. My example is multi-coated. I can't imagine any uncoated one.
  7. I'm not familiar with that type of Panasonic. Are those type 12 batteries? If so, yes. Edit: No, they are type 13 batteries and won't fit.
  8. If you are not particularly interested in a wide aperture, the Voigtländer Color Skopar 25 is minuscule and of very high quality.
  9. Lindolfi used sound to time the M9 shutter. It appears to me to be simple and precise.: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/216580-leica-m8-m82-m9-m9p-mm-mtyp240-faqs-questions-with-answers/?p=2464090
  10. I think the percentage is rather significant. One could make it a menu choice anyway.
  11. Agree with this, something like hitting a convenient button, maybe the center button on the arrow keys? Its present function could be accessed by a long press.
  12. I don't think an unused strap adds one cent to the value of a second-hand camera. I use the Peak design system. Extremely practical.
  13. I tried to sell a used M240 one on the B&S. No interest.
  14. Misconception about adjustments. The RF does not get adjusted to the lens, nor the lens to the RF. Both are adjusted to a common standard - and separately. It has been this way since 1954. 1932 actually.
  15. Not specifically Wasabi, but I have an over-the-top collection of Leica, Panasonic, Jupio and no-brand batteries, and all work the same and equally well. I can think of no reason to pay Leica prices. The reason for this is that I had four or five for holiday use for my GX8 anyway - Heavy camera use, and uncertain charging facilities where I go, and my CL came with a spare from the shop. Then a travel charger came with a battery too. BTW, the advantage of Jupio is that they have an excellent European (Dutch, actually) quality control and customer service.
  16. Same here. I didn't believe that a monochrome sensor made any sense. Yet after using Jono's pre-release one at the introduction and opening my test shots that evening I got on the phone to my dealer from my hotel room the next morning and secured the first one delivered to the Netherlands. I still don't see the attraction of an LCD-less digital camera though, but that is surely just me.
  17. See above. Steve has an e-bay shop too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Thumbie-grip-for-Leica-M8-M9-M9-P-MM-or-ME/292647946545?hash=item44232d4931%3Ag%3A~04AAOxyHslQ4cZ1&_nkw=The+Thumbie&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l2736 You can contact him through eBay to request the specific CL model. He should really update that ad, the M240 isn't mentioned either.
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