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  1. It may well be that the term "centre-weighed" is confusing to some. Let's analyse the metering pattern, as it is more like a extended spot meter than a gradual centre-weighed. Once one has the pattern in mind, the use of the meter becomes self-explaining. courtesy Lindolfi, from the Leica M FAQ This also shows that it is rather useless to set a fixed exposure compensation, as the amount of compensation needed depends entirely on the position of the highlights and shadows. The best way to go about it is to treat it as a real spot meter and point the centre of the view
  2. Just turn - by very small increments.
  3. I agree with Stephen that the most likely cause for banding is extreme underexposure. Coming from earlier M cameras, I didn't know that the M10 even did such long exposures.
  4. I think it is not wise to buy off ebay. Buy a camera you can check before buying or from a reliable dealer like Red Dot Cameras, London or Meister Camera Berlin (and quite a few others). Otherwise you are likely to be saddled with a camera that needs extensive repairs.
  5. The marque must have come down - I bought a 4/4 in 1979 and drove it as a primary car until 1993 - it must have done well over 150.000 km without missing a beat after removing all the failure-prone emission control stuff from the carburettor. Apart from the exhaust breaking constantly due to an idiotic layout. I have a feeling we are slightly OT...
  6. Professional advice, Wilson: Use Oral B Superfloss to remove the insects from between your teeth after driving your Morgan.
  7. Looks like dust to me, but the lens looks a bit hazy too. Get the window cleaners (AKA DAG/Krauter) in.
  8. I admire the TL from a distance, but the CL is my go-to camera. "The digital camera Barnack would have designed" is undoubtedly marketing fluff, but it does describe the camera well. And I agree that a CCD is unlikely, but for a monochrome sensor it has very few drawbacks. My MM1 lives in its Kombitasche M Klein.
  9. i have no problem with special editions -I'm happy for Leica that they turn a profit for them. In fact I still regret not buying an M6J set when I got offered one at a discount, I would have gained a decent amount of money on it. And I still fail to see the point of a screenless camera. My loss, i suppose.
  10. Well, after all is said and done, I do think the Monochrom1 is the ultimate M camera. It certainly makes the MM2 not interesting to me. However, wouldn't it be awesome if Leica brought out an M10 Monochrom with an updated CCD sensor? Anyway, I think it is time for the CL, for all its perfection, to yield to the MM1 as everyday camera occasionally
  11. Sorry, the adapter does not create the crop, the sensor size does. It is 1.5x, as it is APS-C.
  12. jaapv


    With the understanding that Leica the factory will never refuse guaranty on their products based on place of purchase, nor on second ownership.
  13. Well, to me it is a bit of an eyesore - so I would not even open the box. Which is a good thing - those corrugations look like they will dent very easily.
  14. It depends on use too. Intensive use of the LCD will shorten battery life, for instance, or Video or the WiFi facility. I have no idea how many shots. Like Godfrey, I just carry a few spare batteries, they are light and small. The main problem is that there is no low battery warning with a few shots left. The camera just shuts down, obviously just at the moment that I was going to take that Pulitzer-Prize winning shot...
  15. I don't think you found many...But still, it is an electronic device like any other digital camera; a certain percentage of electronic circuits do fail, usually abruptly. My M3 locked up suddenly a few weeks ago after non-use for a year.
  16. jaapv


    Products not sold through the local importer can be refused guaranty by that importer. In Europe this is illegal, but in the USA it is common practice. As you are in the UK European rules will apply, at least they will until next year March. In this case the Leica factory will extend guaranty to all their products, but on has to send it directly to Wetzlar.
  17. I think you are indeed right. In general it is hard to tell where external output ends and Leica design begins with the earlier Leica zooms. Initially there was little expertise and a considerable amount of foot-dragging at Leica regarding zoom lenses, so the designs were farmed out to Agenieux, Minolta and Sigma. Gradually the Leica design department gathered enough experience to take over and forge ahead.
  18. I suggest that this mail was not intended for the customer, but for Leica technical Service.
  19. I think the Sigma 28-90 (yes, it is a rebadge) is certainly the weakest of the bunch. I think in terms of quality per Dollar, the recent 35-70 is the one to get.
  20. Fun series, Scott. I wonder why the cow is muzzled
  21. Let's discuss: Why are there so many grey-in-grey and flat images in the MM1 image thread? With a bit of post-processing the MM1 can give a full tonal range. My technique is: Set white and black point in Levels Adjust tonal range in Levels Lift midtones in Curves Set Curves to linear contrast Dodge and burn If desired, adjust contrast and brightness Silver Efex will do this automatically, On1 and Luminar have presets. Except for dodge and burn, of course. There is so much tonal information in the files that the OOC results will be flat. Not for
  22. I think there are a couple of false assumptions in the original post. 1. Cameras do not determine exposure, photographers do. I think there is a tendency to let the camera do the thinking. 2. Correct exposure does not exist and is the photographers choice. " The AF put the focus in the wrong place " No, the photographer lacked the technique of using the AF tool. Fortunately the M10 is free of his complaint , so we concentrate on the only automation the camera has. " The camera exposed wrong " No, the photographer used the exposure meter incorrectly or did not understand exposur
  23. Try Meister Camera in Berlin (or Hamburg or Munich)
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