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  1. You're quite right, it is all about cumulative doses for operating staff, they have to comply with different norms than the patient. The position of the X-ray machine must be carefully calculated before installing it. A single brick wall will prevent radiation penetration. The radiation levels that we work with are really small. One dental X-ray equals about half an hour in an aeroplane at cruising level. At 1.5 meters distance nothing can be measured over the background radiation and everything has to be calculated. There is no restriction any more on taking dental X-rays of pregnant women
  2. I knew there was a reason that I buy Leicas and not Rolexes...
  3. I would do so if I were you.
  4. Which raises the question: what level of handholding is the cut-off point of faulty instructions?
  5. It doesn't belong in a bag at all. It should be around your neck, ready to shoot.
  6. Have it checked out by Leica nonetheless. Hidden damage may not be apparent. Not to be alarmist, but it is not unlikely that the sensor has shifted and needs to be adjusted.
  7. Because a camera maker makes design choices which may happen not to be yours, or mine. Especially if they are trivial.
  8. As to lenses - buying use is risky, especially newer ones - there is often a reason that the lens is being sold, people tend to hang on to Leica lenses when they are happy with them
  9. It doesn't make sense to show the image in B&W on the LCD when shooting DNG only, as the camera will output the full colour information anyway. So if the CL doesn't fake B&W when on DNG only, that is simply the way it is. AFAIK no M camera behaves differently, nor the SL, only the lower-level Panaleicas. I fail to see why one would refuse to choose DNG+JPG. All my cameras are set that way, giving me a choice when postprocessing - and LCD rendering, if needed. If so desired, one could even import DNGs only.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Photography_Review
  11. I in my view the quality of the lenses (irrespective of price or brand) takes precedence. The Voigtländers are good, in some cases outstanding, buy you should not limit your choice to one brand. I would say, for a 50 mm go for a pre-owned Summilux asph, for a 35 consider a Zeiss 1.4. 40 mm- the Summicron 40 is a cheap alternative and a great performer, arguably the best money/quality ratio in Leicaland, but IMO 40 mm focal length is neither fowl nor fish.
  12. jaapv


    Yes and no. IR light will pass a polarizing filter without hindrance. But, as the filter stops part of the visible light, the relative amount of IR light will increase.
  13. jaapv


    Quite. Black foliage in infrared??
  14. 1. Billingham for Leica ( available through Leica Stores only) 2 SF40. The SF60 is too large and overkill for casual use. 3. Depending entirely on your use. Both other zooms are excellent (as well), or add a prime for lens speed. There is a galaxy of lenses out there if you add the L-M adapter.
  15. But you weren't thirty years ago
  16. One of the mistakes in my life - we should have emigrated to NZ or Oz thirty years ago.
  17. Living on the backside of the world has its drawbacks...
  18. You come in from the video side and I come from the still photography side, yet our interests run parallel. Leica should consider this aspect.
  19. It was true in 2000-2006, but I don't think it is true at all at present. Leica is backed by substantial investors and has been making solid profits for a number of years,
  20. I don't think so, but he could well have bought it used.
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