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  1. I'm sure that Leica- and Panasonic and Sigma- are smart enough to have thought out a strategy of product differentiation before they entered into the alliance. We already have an example of an open mount - the M mount. Zeiss, Voigtländer and others offer very attractive lenses, in some cases indistinguishable in quality from Leica products or even (dare I say it?) better, at lower prices, yet it does not eat into Leica sales.
  2. I think it is pretty in silver, but I prefer black on this one.
  3. Because a camera is more than the sum of the parts. Much as I dislike car analogies, the Jaguar X-type was based on the Ford Mondeo, yet it was a "real" Jaguar and the best selling one ever too. Additionally, I suspect that Leica's margin on lenses is much higher than on cameras. Who cares if they sell a few bodies less if lens sales increase substantially? I even doubt whether that will happen, some Panasonic customers will want to move up. And Panaleicas sell well.
  4. Resistance is futile...Luigi, once you have used this little camera, there is no way back
  5. With the same result: because of the different microlens technology it won't quite reach SL levels
  6. I am waiting for a REAL TL O.I.S tele-zoom.. The SL 90-280 is too big, too heavy, too expensive. And an 10 mm Super-Elmar would be nice as well.
  7. Yes, but it would not make sense to share a mount without sharing this protocol.
  8. If you mean in TTL mode? All of them except the SF20. The SF40 is, IMO, the most compatible one in terms of size/power/price and features,
  9. Lens performance across the brands should not be a problem, as the whole issue depends on the register distance of the lens, which dictates optical design. However, it would become interesting if different brands use different sensors for their cameras. We could be changing bodies like we used to change film
  10. However, Leica and Sigma have cooperated on lenses before, even in the far past.
  11. Ein Stück Leica came with a non-voting share. All shares have reverted.
  12. All of the stock. The last holdouts were acquired through a legal procedure, taking it off the stock exchange.
  13. Yes, we've seen that before, the ME beside the M 240, the M240 beside the M10, etc. In fact, the iiig beside the M3. After a few months the secondary camera is quietly phased out.
  14. It is hardly surprising that the S is discounted, given that the S3 is (more or less) announced: https://leicarumors.com
  15. Back to the original question, aving been able to look at the image at 100%. You probably won't see it on the print that much, but the problem here is that it is slightly front focused. The thornbush is bitingly sharp, but the Giraffe a bit softer. Sharpen to give some bite to the Giraffe and the bush is pushed over the top. Better would be to apply selective sharpening.
  16. Or even the "standard" Summicron. The differences to the APO are there, undoubtedly, but they are so subtle that 95% of photographers don't benefit by them and 99% of viewers don't see them on normal prints. You need a photographer with impeccable technique, a trained observer and a faultless print at least 1 meter wide and then the APO will show its superiority. Don't forget that Internet raves about lenses are based on 100% or even 200% viewing which bears little if any relationship to reality.
  17. And suboptimal for lenses with floating elements.
  18. The times are changing. https://www.outdoorphotographer.com/photography-gear/cameras/advantages-micro-four-thirds/ there is a 90% chance that you will have a 12 kg luggage restriction on your Safari trip
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