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  1. The difference may be that I mainly use the monopod for video and very long lenses. Extremely fast mounting is not of very high priority, nor do I need a ballhead. As you say, different strokes for different folks.
  2. Correct. The Leki poles are part of the Novoflex Fotosystem modular tripod system. Use one as monpod/hiking pole, or connect three into a tripod. Quite clever.
  3. Sure? It is by Leki. It appears to me that your system is quite uncomfortable pushing down on the pole. YMMV. https://www.astroshop.eu/made-of-aluminium/novoflex-aluminium-monopod-qleg-walk-ii-trekking-pole/p,48561 BTW B&H asks ten times RSP for the thing !
  4. Maybe it is possible to have an APS-C forum with CL, TL and lens sections, much like the M forum. I've alerted Andreas to this thread.
  5. Novoflex makes a hiking pole that doubles as monopod.
  6. Novoflex makes a hiking pole that doubles as monopod.
  7. You can set the maximum file size and pixel count in the export dialog.
  8. This happens occasionally. Resave the file on your desktop, make sure the file extension is .jpg and that the dimensions are right, and try again.
  9. There are guidelines all over the place. However, to recapitulate: All images must be taken with Leica gear; i.e a Leica lens, a Leica camera, or a combination of both. So an Olympus lens on a Leica CL is allowed, a Summicron M on an Olympus Pen is allowed, but an Olympus lens on an Olympus camera is not, even if you use a Leica UV filter. Non-Leica images are allowed if they are taken to illustrate a point which falls within the scope of the forum, e.g. for comparison purposes, to illustrate a technical point or to show Leica equipment, etc. Images that fall outside these guidelines will b
  10. A misconception which Kevin Raber of Luminous Landscape appears to subscribe to:
  11. You can have it shipped through me, if you wish. Or I can call them for you, I know the manager.
  12. It is what Leica has been saying all the time between 2000 and 2009. What people were saying on the forum is another matter. All kinds of nonsense come by on the Internet. See the blog we are discussing here.
  13. That was never said. The catchphrase was: "with current technology"
  14. It is probably possible but by no means easy. More pixels means more processing power-and the M10 (and M240) already struggle with heat management.
  15. reputable dealers: https://www.foka.nl/product/12201235/leica-11083-apo-vario-elmar-tl-55-135mm-f-3-5-4-5-asph-zwart?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3OaRusXO3AIVz0PTCh0K2AlcEAQYBiABEgJ67fD_BwE https://www.cameranu.nl/nl/search?sort=relevance&q=leica+55-135 https://www.smitsarnhem.nl/apo-vario-elmar-t-55-135
  16. All major shops in a small country have a supply. I cannot be bothered to check for instance Germany. Might I suggest that you order one from the shops that do have one instead of banging your head against the wall about those that don’t. The warranty argument is complete nonsense. All Leica products have full worldwide factory warranty, and within the EU it does not matter in which country they were bought. I've bought often enough from the UK. On top of that, these were all official Leica dealers. Selling Leica means selling small numbers at high prices. It is not reasonable to expect s
  17. My advice from experience to Mr. Chambers would be to find a good optician. High quality spectacles beat more pixels any day. Fortunately for him Leica has entered this market as well. As for his argument about 8K displays: Red herrings come into mind. With hardly any suitable content and at 6500 $ they are unlikely to be common for a while, and photographs are prints to most Leica owners. Another point he misses is that the M11 is unlikely to stick at 24 MP. The CL already offers 24MP on APS-c at virtually the same image quality, similarly 20 MP on MFT by Leica's technical partne
  18. Look through the image threads The CL is nearly on par with the SL and M10.
  19. What I would have done? Exposure bracket, stack in Photoshop with layer masks and paint in the properly exposed areas.
  20. What are you going to gain? I bet they'll all look good on a computer screen as Internet JPG.
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