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  1. He didn't reply as such. He asked for viewfinder advice, adding onto a relevant thread. I wish that would happen more often.
  2. The Zeiss ones are the nicest and the brightest, the Voigtlanders quite good as well but they do show a bit of distortion.
  3. I'm a bit surprised that you managed to buy a Lexar card. There are all kinds of things wrong there and they have all but disappeared from the market; the last batches appeared to struggle wih quality and shops have taken any remaining ones from the shelves. The Sony cards seem to be identical to the "old" Lexar ones and are unproblematic. https://petapixel.com/2018/10/25/lexar-quits-xqd-cards-accuses-sony-of-preventing-progress/
  4. Yes - "Real photographers don't want AF cameras" all but killed the company the last time Leica thought that was what their customers wanted. They won't make that mistake again.
  5. Safaris not so much... It saw little use in Botswana last month. 200 mm equivalent is simply too short.
  6. My favourite African Fish Eagle shot. GX8 DG Vario-Elmar 100-400
  7. Why should an M camera be defined by anything at all? There have been plenty of rangefinder cameras in all kinds of mounts and even fixed-lens ones. It is just an accident of history that Leica is the last man standing. An M camera is whatever Leica calls an M camera. i think that Leica has a pretty good portfolio..Resisting demands from all sides of the customer spectrum should not be a hardship. As for auto-magnification, it is at much an annoyance as a feature. It only works (obviously) on the auxiliary EVF, where it is unneeded for the majority of shots. Automation runs contrary to the Leica M philosophy anyway.
  8. Yes, but not one that would be suitable for M lenses - the capture angle of a three-layer Foveon sensor is too narrow. Even a semi-Bayer two layer one will struggle.
  9. Because an L mount camera might have Video - anathema!!😩😡
  10. Unfortunately Leica sensors are very expensive. Proprietary design, small production runs. Even now, the M9 sensor replacement is below actual cost. Have a look at the CL and M adapter. There are quite a few happy users on the CL forum that were dedicated M photographers before.
  11. Of course it is simplistic and the way you use your flash for glamour is brilliant, Geoff. But I do think that an occasion like Christmas, at least on the Northern Hemisphere, with candles, close indoor gatherings, tree lights, etc. cries out for available light. Flash is certainly detrimental to that kind of mood. Your Southern Christmases are totally different . As an aside, my main flash use is to even out high contrast situations in the daytime As a second aside: I used to use flash as well for Safari night drives. I still even have a teleflash system lying around somewhere. It got me great records of sightings, but not one memorable photograph. Now I only use available (spot) light. I get far fewer technically acceptable images -maybe two or three per trip- , but those are print-worthy keepers.
  12. I cannot say large cards are very convenient - if you fill them up you either have to wait until they are fullto be able to process, wait for Bridge to run through all downloaded shots to download or reformat each time you download and only use a fraction of the card.
  13. And so you should. Flash kills atmosphere.
  14. I do. It looks like a row of small bubbles. My Monochrom had it. 
  15. Sounds like SD card trouble. Clean the contacts and/or try a different card. Why such a large card, BTW? Do you do thousands of images per shoot?
  16. As I said, I use a Lexar 1000x without any trouble.
  17. As it happens I have the 16 GB version of that card and it works just fine in the CL. If you use another modern card, does that give problems as well?
  18. That is normal. All M8 cameras will do this when a strong light is on the edge of the frame.
  19. That still doesn't explain "same skin" The covering stretches when removed, if it does not tear. So it is always replaced when the camera is opened up.
  20. Probably not corroded - just a clean. Maybe it didn't even leave Russia.
  21. The same skin is rather unlikely., to put it mildly The camera must be opened up for a sensor replacement and the covering cannot be re-used. It is impossible to replace the sensor without replacing the leatherette
  22. I'm sure that you know exactly what settings work best for your normal shooting situation and subjects. Save those as "standard" Then, starting off from your standard profile, modify the camera settings for other situations and save those under another profile, etc. My settings wouldn't help you a bit, as I am not you as a photographer. Actually the default profile is a pretty good starting point. Personally I think of those "best use" type of prescriptions as a bunch of baloney. The only person who can determine the best settings for your photography is you -yourself. The same with Lightroom for instance - there are excellent video tutorials on the Internet by Adobe and other experts, fantastic books by Scott Kelby, Martin Evening and others, yet insecure and/or inexperienced photographers are preyed upon by overpriced and useless "presets" "best use of camera xyz" "workshop with professional photographer (anybody can call himself that)" and similar offerings. On this forum we are happy <sometimes over-eager> to offer advice and opinions in specific cases, but beware of self-appointed experts.
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