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  1. Panasonic has announced a proprietary mount, they are clearly not aiming to integrate into the L system. Given their persistence with MFT, from which Leica withdrew, that would be in character. But nothing would prevent them from positioning a system below the SL and above the CL. Which aims straight at Nikon and Canon. Especially if they are more biased towards Video capture. Leica's advantage would be access to Panasonic's industry-leading stabilization technology, plus digital components, Panasonic continues to profit by Leica's optical and design expertise.
  2. And let's wait what Panasonic comes up with, and possibly a Leica SL2. I would be quite surprised if there were no exchange of technology between Leica and Panasonic regarding FF mirrorless cameras and lenses. It cannot be a coincidence that, as soon as Nikon introduces their first FF EVIL, Panasonic rumours start to appear.
  3. It has to do with the microlens array and well depth (crosstalk), I suppose. Actually, I suspect the CL is closer to the SL than the M10 in this respect. As for adding sharpness in post, it is really manipulating/increasing edge contrast. As such it does not add acuity, but it does exaggerate any nasties on a contrast transition. In practice I tend to oversharpen slightly and then add a touch of gaussian blur to reduce the artefacts.
  4. You're in Wassenaar. Compare the style of the baggy pants in China with the style of some of the ministeries in den Haag Architecture is an export commodity nowadays.
  5. I feel that it is fine to post a series of photographs, provided it IS a series. Just dumping a large number of unrelated subjects "because I took them" will soon chase viewers away. Having said that, the number of times we had to caution a member for overposting images can be counted on one hand over all these years, and only one member ever had to leave - and it weren't even Leica photographs he was posting, only "comparisons" In other words, if you get fed up with somebody's work, look away
  6. That brings me to my second point - the acuity (or bite) varies from camera to camera, even at the same MP. That means that purely looking at resolution is too limited. Better a lower resolution at high acuity than a higher one that looks soft. The viewer won't know which details he is missing, but he will know when the detail looks bad.
  7. It is just the other way around. PS is destructive unless you know how to work with layers.
  8. He is my dog, and he is forgiven straight away. It is the type of dog you cannot get angry at. We have an outdoor shower
  9. Don't apologize, we're here to help and to show inexperienced members the ropes
  10. Those are too small, not really possible to see them properly. Uploading an image: Prepare on your computer, reduce size to 1280 pixels on the long edge, save as JPG, sRGB. Maximum file size 500 kB (quality something like 8), sponsoring members 1000 kB, (quality 10-12) Lightroom will export to these parameters, use the export dialog. Go to: "More reply options", attach the file, position the cursor and click "add to post". One image per post. This has the advantage that members can thank you per image.
  11. It was announced by Andreas quite a while ago, everybody had the chance to voice their opinion and I saw precious few objections; however, in the end Andreas decides. It is an owner-run forum, not a democracy. This is a poll, not a vote. In the end the moderators and Andreas will use the result as advice for their decision. If there is no clear majority either way, it will be inconclusive.
  12. 16 vs 24 MP? Two generations difference in ISO performance? Different architecture? The only things that are the same are the physical size and the maker.
  13. Well, I speak from comparing side-by-side. I find the SL's EVF supriority minimal. Different strokes for different folks, Iguess.
  14. Well, I'm truly sorry that you dislike the new system, but it has worked well in the X, D/V lux, R and S forums, even without the benefit of prefixes. It cannot be changed back either, as we lack a moderator with enough patience to unravel the threads.
  15. Exactly what I said, Pete. The SL has higher resolution and the CL more up-to-date technology. The end result makes the viewfinders about equal (with the SL still nosing ahead by a whisker). Not something to sway a buying decision.
  16. It will close on September 8th. I might add that we will need a clear majority to change the status quo.
  17. Very few of the comments regret the merging. It is probably just a question of getting used to. Besides, give us a chance to get it sorted.
  18. Far superior not. I think, if you want to combine the CL with another camera, that you should look for a different experience. The SL and CL are too close (except in size ) Try an M10, or S class camera.
  19. 8. is doubtful. Lower resolution, but more advanced technology.
  20. Modern architecture - the Netherlands is one of the leading nations in the world in this discipline. Think Rem Koolhaas. It is not all windmills and wooden clogs here.
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