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  1. It looks like a very interesting travel camera, especially as it eliminates the need of dragging a laptop around.
  2. I must admit to being too lazy to check on all lenses Leica ever built, but here is Erwin Puts:
  3. There is no need for 1/3rd stops on digital like it is on slide film.
  4. If you are used to Photoshop I am puzzled why you would want to use Lightroom. Use Adobe Bridge (included in your PS) to import and organize by date and keyword (it can rename and store in folders as well), use ACR (included in PS) for your basic editing (it has most of Lightroom's controls) and Photoshop for the rest. It all integrates beautifully.
  5. Not that easy to do. The numbers are deeply engraved.
  6. Rather a stupid theft too. Given the small Leica world it is very hard to sell off such a number of items without getting caught.
  7. Please use the existing thread on the subject: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/289910-ffordes-stolen-leicas-please-share-merged/
  8. There are always ND filters.
  9. Wait and see what comes to the market - and at what price.
  10. Some more insight: https://admiringlight.com/blog/full-frame-equivalence-and-why-it-doesnt-matter/2/
  11. That is quite good. A Leica M10 plus Summicron 35 weighs over 900g.
  12. With the sensor alone costing (net) 1800 Euro and the RF mechanism over 1000 to build? I think this post comes into the "I wish" category.
  13. Personally I judge a camera by the images I take myself. The input of the camera type is virtually nil, especially at web compression. In the end it is about lenses, ergonomics, user interface, design, etc. The technical part inside is food for geeks, and interchangeable for daily use.
  14. No, the SL sensor comes through Panasonic channels. And?
  15. Not to my taste, too boxy, but I like the clean design and the quality should be exceptional. Size? I cannot tell without handling one, but this could well be a winner and serious competition for the Q and RX1
  16. I'm afraid that DxOMark is not as reliable as they pretend.
  17. Just wait for the SL2 It may not sell to you, but the L partners are without doubt serious about product differentiation. Leica M cameras have always sold better than Bessa or Zeiss rangefinders, despite the same mount and a substantial price difference. The "miles ahead in electronics" is a hoary old chestnut. They buy them either from one another or from the same Chinese and Indian suppliers.
  18. That is exactly what it is - "Damn, I cannot get this software to work - let's release a beta - somebody will sort it" Followed by: "We'll get the bugs out by updates after we release the final version"
  19. Not really. You can buy a CL 18 mm kit for that - new. I see prices around 2500 Euro
  20. Well, they should prioritize long fast lenses in that case.
  21. Actually DVD was backed by Sony and Philips jointly.
  22. My wife used to have the same pen, but unfortunately it was stolen. I managed to lay hands on a Blue Marble one, and it is her "Sunday" pen, she has a nice Schaeffer Spiral Laque Targa for daily use. I myself use a Pelikan Souverän 800 green every day which is the best writing pen I ever had, and a collection of Schaeffer pens from before they went downhill, including a Legacy with wide oblique nib and a very rare Laqué with sterling silver skeleton. I like fountain pens :) In fact, if I use a ballpoint my writing deteriorates into a doctor's scrawl.
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