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  1. Good choice, but then, either choice would have been good. Personal preference is always the main consideration.
  2. Complete apples and oranges, I'd say. A fixed-lens compact against a heavy medium format system. For my style of travel the S system would be out of the question: too heavy, too bulky, too unwieldy.
  3. Of course, digital corrections add another dimension.
  4. It is always a good idea to send a file to Leica in cases like this, if only to find out if a repair is economical.
  5. Let's add the Canon EOS-R to this group - it should be rather competitive. https://luminous-landscape.com/canon-eos-r-camera-launched/
  6. The problem is that so many parameters must be optimized to design a good lens that lifting out one aspect is bound to be highly doubtful.
  7. On a side note: the sky is not just overexposed but also heavily posterized. That is the post processing or you tortured a jpg file. Shoot DNG and in Photoshop work in 16 bits. As for shadows, the camera is quite good at pulling them up. No need to ETTR.
  8. A bit difficult to maintain this, given the quality of the latest releases from Wetzlar, I should think
  9. Yes and no. I do think he is overly critical from time to time, but does raise some valid points, which may not be popular in Leicaland.
  10. I think this was my favourite shot with the Noflexar-T 400, using the M8 Taken whilst on foot in Kafue, Zambia. Downwind from a gully. She never knew I was there . I appreciated the reach of the lens, though Without TEX BTW.
  11. I used the triplet 400 quite often, it was a very good lens. I sold it because of the size. The best extender was the Novoflex "TEX", quite hard to find.
  12. One forces users to be more selective by giving constructive critique, something we see far too rarely on this forum. I am not in favour of a limit, in extreme cases moderators will handle the issue.
  13. I agree. One would have expected a bit of purple fringe on the outline of the boy.
  14. He probably means the water at the feet of the boy. That can be provoked on any non-APO lens by strong backlight over busy water.
  15. i just realized that this is an old thread resurrected
  16. The M10 will never have the same sensor as the SL; although both sensors have been designed with legacy wideangle lenses in mind, an M camera will always be biased to getting the utmost out of M lenses. Nor is a state-of-the-art EVF high on the priority list. The essence of the M is the optical viewfinder, the EVF nothing more than an accessory. The size and design of the camera provoke heat management problems - the processing power is limited, restricting EVF performance.
  17. Echo that. The Summilux 50 asph is a very special lens. More versatile than the Noctilux, it still has an unique character, exquisite image quality and is plenty fast for low light and subject separation. To me the Noctilux is a specialist lens; handled properly and by a photographer with a very clear view of his photographic intention it is capable of results that no other lens can render. I'm a bit envious of their talent However, I see far too many photographs with a proud Noctilux caption that could just as well have been taken by any other fastish 50 mm. i'm not going to add to tha
  18. Hard to say anything. It is vastly overexposed and severely posterized. On the water the red-green appears to be fairly normal under the circumstances to me. This is not an APO lens.
  19. Photomerge in Photoshop gives excellent results as well. However, it saves a lot of work if you use a camera that offers post-focus.
  20. I don't make Panasonic's executive decisions, nor am I privy to them. But this is what is leaking to the rumours sites. FWIIW. However, they went into MFT with their own range of lenses, together with that other maverick, Olympus. Nothing out of character here.
  21. The sensor might well come from the same sensor factory, but it would certainly have a different microlens and filter array.
  22. You're conflating two things: the poll (other thread) is about merging the image threads, you are addressing the merger of the two forums. The first is contemplated, the second (this thread) a done deal.
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