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  1. That depends on the number that was mapped out when the camera was built.
  2. AFAIK the Canon 5D is still the most used DSLR for (professional) video. Hardly a market Canon can afford to neglect. Looking at non-professional wildlife photography, 95% used to be Canon. Nowadays Nikon is the major brand one sees. I'm sure that it is not as clear-cut as you say.
  3. Time to close the poll; the NOs have it. I tend to agree, so two threads it is and two it remains. Thanks to all participants .
  4. Do a Google search: Transcend 2 GB is widely available at 10 Euro, and some other brands as well. Batteries can be easily refurbished, quite a few cottage industries doing so.
  5. It's an interesting factoid that he left when Mandler came. Had he been hoping for the position?
  6. 100% spot-on as far I am concerned. The only reason I am selling mine is because I moved down to smaller and lighter gear. Playing with it today was a joy.
  7. The main problem with these systems is that they will not be repairable in case something does actually go wrong, For the rest it is heavy and bulky, but great quality. The images, despite being low-resolution by today's standards are still amongst the best digital result you can get. The only problem I found with the R8 is that you must shut down in the right order, otherwise it will go tick-tock for a few seconds (harmless).
  8. Actually I often apply 0.1 or 0.2 gaussian blur to the web JPGs of my CL to prevent them from looking over-sharp.
  9. Of course some lenses will work fine, especially longer focal lengths and some modern wide-angles. That has all to do with the lens design.
  10. And even more on the microlens design, and sensor design.
  11. That is correct. All forums are that way. A poll thread that gets a vote jumps to the top of the forum.
  12. Or if you dislike the "dirty nappy" style of photographing
  13. jaapv

    High ISO - M10 vs Q

    True - which makes a comparison unreliable.
  14. I use a mixture of Jupio and Panasonic ones. They all perform the same.
  15. In that case send it in, send it to a reliable third-party repair shop that can handle Leicas. Im sure our Canadian forum members can recommend somebody.
  16. Do the rangefinder patches align at infinity?
  17. jaapv

    High ISO - M10 vs Q

    Well, in any case I would advise doing a controlled experiment: Cameras on a tripod, use the same lens ( f-stop may be the same but T-stop will be different when using different lenses). use the same metering method ( multifield) on the same subject with exactly the same framing under constant light. The histograms will show you the exact exposure difference.
  18. jaapv

    High ISO - M10 vs Q

    Let us know the reponse. I bet a roll of HP4 that you will get the ISO norm quoted bak at you, or some other form of woolly response.
  19. There is a difference between travel photography and fine art. All the quality in the world won’t help you if your gear is too cumbersome. I have done travel and safari with MF -once, never again-. A 500 mm with 2x converter on MF is not the best tool when hiking in 40 centigrade. Having said that, an S has been designed to handle like a normal DSLR If your travel is on the comfortable side and you don’t need long tele, why not?
  20. Get the ***n thing off Auto-ISO. Use Aperture priority. Set aperture to 5.6 unless you have a reason to change it to another setting. (DOF control or running out of usable shutter speed) Same for ISO setting, use 200 or such, unless etc.
  21. Good choice, but then, either choice would have been good. Personal preference is always the main consideration.
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