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  1. What M240 argument? I didn't mention Video... Why are you dragging it into here? Put on your reading glasses: this was about size and cooling capacity and the strange effect on customers of the 0.5 mm on the M240. Nice comparison. It proves my point. Have a look at the sensor plane mark on that Nikon. It must have 20 mm of air behind its sensor. That M10 has rather nothing. But you mentioned the sparce in the SL. How much is that precisely? I have no idea.
  2. I have no quarrel with making LENR optional. The difference between us is the reasons we suspect. I think it may be technical, you think Leica's top management is obstinate. The latter appears quite unlikely to me.
  3. A matter of buyer perception. Despite its enthusiastic following and undisputed quality, it is still the most expensive point-and-shoot on the market by far. People who are looking for a second-hand camera are simply not prepared to pay more, the few that are into Leica and Leica pricing are more likely to go for a CL kit when they have 3000 or more Euro to spend.
  4. You need to set up test flight and get a link from the Leica invitation mail, which you could request from the Leica site - that request is locked for iOS. I missed out on the original beta test, unfortunately. I don't know why - it probably was a lottery.
  5. If the camera gets opened the covering has to be replaced - that is normal. As for the battery cover and rewind crank - I'm sure nobody here can tell you what Leica found wrong with them. Why don't you just ask them?
  6. I'm not going to buy an Android just test this. Apparently Leica owners don't own Android phones...
  7. I don't think there is a problem here. If Leica decides that the large majority of its customers would not appreciate high pixel counts, they certainly would not object to you and the rest of the minority using their lenses on a high-MP Panasonic, maybe even with pixel shift to take you up into the 100 MP range. Their lenses are ready for it. That is the gain of the Alliance, both for customers and makers.
  8. I would use the new app, if I could get it. But the download is locked The old one works adequately, but the new one is clearly a lot better. I am off to Africa next week, so it would come in handy...
  9. I think you will be hard put to see a realistic quality difference.
  10. Isn't it a bit drastic to take a hacksaw to your camera? I would advise using the Leica Universal Digital Adapter: http://uk.leica-camera.com/Sport-Optics/Leica-Birding/Technical-Equipment/Sport-Optics-Technical-Equipment/Universal-Digital-Adapter-3
  11. Well, they clearly will have nice bayonet-type hoods, like Voigtländer usually has. The main problem I see with these lenses is that they have quite common speeds and focal lengths, so there will be plenty of competition on the market by used lenses from Leica and Zeiss.
  12. Is the FOTOS app available for general download, Andreas? It seems rather unproductive to break the functionality of the present app by installing the new firmware without being able to install the correct app. I thought it would be only generally available from the 24th. So my basic question is: does this firmware update leave the original app working?
  13. Yes - have you looked at the cooling possibilities of that Nikon sensor; air flow around it, for instance, not crammed up against the rear like Leica cameras, with a customer base that manages to decry the M240 as a behemoth - for 0.5 mm thicker... If you are prepared to have your Leicas half a cm thicker, you can have no-LENR, IBIS, sensor cleaning, etc. I am sure that there is no need to tell you of all people that any tool has its compromises and limitations, and that we need to choose the tool for the job.
  14. Ah - the good old days of fingerprints, water drops, scratches and tramrails - and DUST !
  15. It will get onto the sensor regardless of changing lenses or not; it will even be present in fixed-lens cameras.
  16. Indeed. If they can fit video into an iPhone, how much space can it take up? Nothing to do with LENR, however. If somebody can show me that digital noise reduction is as effective for heat-noise elimination as LENR, I would be happy (and so would Leica, I suspect)
  17. I never said it was uncontrollable. The point, however, is that heat build-up will generate pixel noise that is best eliminated by LENR. Cooling is essential for long exposures and I suspect Leica bodies are not the best on the market in that respect. In astrophotography LENR and cooling are hot topics (excuse the pun ) See this post in an astronomer's LENR discussion.: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/563601-dslr-in-camera-noise-reduction/?p=7659374 In general, I do wish that Leica would provide some background for their design decision, if only to provide some understanding.
  18. No. To MWC, our member. Willem and Jan are amongst the most common names over here.
  19. However, Willem Jan might be right that this is a missed train. Only time will tell. Much depends on the attractiveness of the complete L system.
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