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  1. I dislike cases. Can the grip be separated?
  2. Thank you, David. That is a quite clear and informative interview.
  3. That is right, but the best way is, IMO, to work in a layer stack leaving the background layer untouched and use smart objects to jump back to ACR if needed. That is the way PS works natively since PS5 IIRC, by offering the editing tools on an automatic layer. I cannot recall when I used "Save" instead of "save as"
  4. I was quite impressed with Affinity, but haven't used it much (yet?). ON1 is quite good too. Actually I will take ON1 over Lightroom every day. I use these programs for editing on-the-fly on my little Macbook Air. For editing at home it is Photoshop CC.
  5. Yes - it is a rotation stop. Despite the grip being quite ergonomic, I find that this is about the only thought-through part. I mostly use the CL with the grip attached, it fits my hand better, but I stil find it a pain to have to remove it for each battery and card change, that it has no quick-release system and above all that it has no tripod socket - the last is really inexcusable. Maybe I should drill and thread a hole. I have been discussing it with Will van Manen, and he seems to see this as a realistic idea. I'll send the grip to him after my holiday, in November.
  6. He ( it is a boy ) is just trying to determine the brand of your deodorant
  7. What country? Otherwise the buy and sell here. https://www.l-camera-forum.com/classifieds/item/14582-new-price-leica-q-type-116-accessories/
  8. Not a good idea to buy this camera as it is. It may be easy to replace a top plate by one from eBay, but you will be hard put to find a repair shop that is willing to open up digital M. Sending it to Leica will not be too cheap. BUT; An impact strong enough to cause a substantial dent can easily cause invisible damage, like a deformed or cracked bodyshell. You would never find it by lookng at the outside. In that case add a considerable number of hundreds of Euros to the repair cost. I would only buy it if the seller had it sorted by Leica beforehand. Otherwise: look elsewhere.
  9. Ah - the 1D. They don't build them like that any more. Quite suitable to be used as a Knobkerrie...
  10. Yes, but film is continuous, so it does not "channel" the light. Sensels are in a grid and suffer from vignetting with the acceptance angle and crosstalk. I don't think Sigma has any interest in investing in technology to accommodate M lenses, and Leica's microlens technology is patented.
  11. That is clear . Even then, the sensor plane is not marked on the SL. We would need to see the interior to know how much cooling and air space the sensor has. And being crammed up against the LCD cannot help either. I still repeat: I cannot imagine that Leica implements LENR to just to annoy their customers. There must be a solid reason. It would help if Leica would give us some insight. Interviewers: are you listening?
  12. What M240 argument? I didn't mention Video... Why are you dragging it into here? Put on your reading glasses: this was about size and cooling capacity and the strange effect on customers of the 0.5 mm on the M240. Nice comparison. It proves my point. Have a look at the sensor plane mark on that Nikon. It must have 20 mm of air behind its sensor. That M10 has rather nothing. But you mentioned the sparce in the SL. How much is that precisely? I have no idea.
  13. I have no quarrel with making LENR optional. The difference between us is the reasons we suspect. I think it may be technical, you think Leica's top management is obstinate. The latter appears quite unlikely to me.
  14. A matter of buyer perception. Despite its enthusiastic following and undisputed quality, it is still the most expensive point-and-shoot on the market by far. People who are looking for a second-hand camera are simply not prepared to pay more, the few that are into Leica and Leica pricing are more likely to go for a CL kit when they have 3000 or more Euro to spend.
  15. You need to set up test flight and get a link from the Leica invitation mail, which you could request from the Leica site - that request is locked for iOS. I missed out on the original beta test, unfortunately. I don't know why - it probably was a lottery.
  16. If the camera gets opened the covering has to be replaced - that is normal. As for the battery cover and rewind crank - I'm sure nobody here can tell you what Leica found wrong with them. Why don't you just ask them?
  17. I'm not going to buy an Android just test this. Apparently Leica owners don't own Android phones...
  18. I don't think there is a problem here. If Leica decides that the large majority of its customers would not appreciate high pixel counts, they certainly would not object to you and the rest of the minority using their lenses on a high-MP Panasonic, maybe even with pixel shift to take you up into the 100 MP range. Their lenses are ready for it. That is the gain of the Alliance, both for customers and makers.
  19. I would use the new app, if I could get it. But the download is locked The old one works adequately, but the new one is clearly a lot better. I am off to Africa next week, so it would come in handy...
  20. I think you will be hard put to see a realistic quality difference.
  21. Isn't it a bit drastic to take a hacksaw to your camera? I would advise using the Leica Universal Digital Adapter: http://uk.leica-camera.com/Sport-Optics/Leica-Birding/Technical-Equipment/Sport-Optics-Technical-Equipment/Universal-Digital-Adapter-3
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