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  1. It goes for all Leica cameras - full functionality only with Leica branded flashes.
  2. Given that the results from the M4 were perfect, I would tend to blame the camera.
  3. Not really. Mostly older 35 mm and shorter. And even then… The S5 has no AA filter. Anyway, it is of little interest to me. It is not the use I am buying the camera for.
  4. Yes, but it does not work. From time to time I post a number of images in the same section and the one with the least reactions get picked. On one occasion an image with six likes and two months old got displayed and kept there for ten days ( I thought it was a pretty good photo, though )
  5. To those too…. There seems to be some algorithm that takes number of likes, the rate of accumulation, the signs of the Zodiac and the phase of the moon into consideration but the secret is buried in the bosom of the developers of the forum software.
  6. I would resend it to Leica, and keep in touch by telephone during the repair. Send these images with it.
  7. There are "old lenses" threads in the forum.
  8. Thicker cover glass over the sensor on the Panny, increasing diffraction at the edges with some rangefinder lenses...
  9. Time will tell. I tend to use my M lenses on my M bodies.
  10. I really only need it for the 150-600. And there are my M lenses. And the R 35-70. And several others. As to resolution: 10 MP is ample for A3+ And I am not switching systems, I’m adding a backup.
  11. Well, the die is cast. My dealer is offering the S5 for 1449 Euro… ( all Panasonic system cameras heavily discounted) No CL2 for me.
  12. Well executed. My gripe would be with the dissonance of the background. I would like the foliage to be more free., especially the yellow bit.
  13. Only limited use yet - but a positive impression,
  14. I have no complaints about keepers. The vast majority of bungled shots are my own fault - I don't need to play a Frans Lanting clone to take those. The gear is hardly ever to blame.
  15. A bit flawed - in the vast majority of national parks, off--road driving is strictly forbidden, especially for private drivers. You would be using gravel and tarmac roads which any car can handle... I would say the best option is a SUV.
  16. I think that the advice of members who either actually live on a South African game reserve (or have been on safari for dozens of times) should not be dismissed that lightly. I have been in this game since 1988 and I have never found that the "superiority" of Canon, Nikon et al ever resulted in inferior photos. Good luck with a 1 kg body and 6 kg 600 mm lens when hiking in 40 degrees in the bush. For me the CL with 150-600 Sigma is plenty good. The results will not depend on your gear - it will depend on the skills of your guide, getting you in a good podition, anticipating animal behaviour, e
  17. Go to Leica's website, find the appropriate update and follow the instructions. https://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-CL-TL2/Leica-CL/Downloads
  18. Because it is an improved camera which may appeal to a wider public - although not all M10 users may like it I strongly suspect that we will see a parallel production with some M10 variants, like the M10 and M240 had.
  19. There is always a bug to fix or an "improvement" to be made. The issuing of meaningless updates is a way of keeping the customer interested.
  20. It is a good idea to update your camera in any case, the improvements are substantial. The lens should work with any firmware, the camera will install the appropriate firmware on the lens the first time that you mount it.
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