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  1. IR filters are wise. The look of your images is made by you in postprocessing, you have a learning curve. Having said that, ON1 has good presets and excellent tutorials on their website.
  2. Forum service As far as I'm concerned, the TL 60 has too long a focal length with too much background. The minimum focus distance is too close, especially for insects. I obviously find the price high. Moreover, the Sigma Macro Art 105 DG has interesting settings, especially for focusing. Its image quality is exceptional. However, it is a little more cumbersome than the TL 60.
  3. Highly unlikely, given that the corrosion is on the IR filter between coating and glass and does not affect the sensor at all. It is next to impossible that it would spread to the sensor connectors. It means that the readout or data processing of the sensor is faulty. The sensor is read out in two halves and processed through two DACs. The electronics on the motherboard have failed. As the motherboard and sensor are a single part it cannot be repaired.
  4. Get an USB 3 or USB C one for the fastest transfer. There is very little else to choose.
  5. Unfortunately I cannot say as the final price is the outcome of an email exchange.
  6. You're right, it was from memory. Anyway, it does not matter, I just tried it after digging it out: It does not work under Big Sur, not on Silicon nor on Intel.
  7. On an optimistic note: There may not be a need to replace the shutter. It happens from time to time that the nylon actuator "finger" gets stuck. The technician only has to give it a nudge, maybe apply a minuscule drop of lubricant and all is well again. This is the M8 Anatomy thread, but the M9 internals are quite similar. However, if the shutter itself must be replaced, it is another story. Although the part costs less than 200 Euro, the camera has to be completely dismantled, which is not cheap. I would guess that a price of 750-1000 Euro including VAT (Guess!!) would be a
  8. Shutters don’t wear down but tend to fail catastrophically. Sometimes through a piece of grit, sometimes without apparent reason. The shutter count has little relevance in this context. Expected shutter life of the M is 150.000 actuations.
  9. However, the dock does function for AF speed adjust.
  10. I cannot find it strange that a product will undergo some undisclosed component changes during its production run, and a manufacturer will certainly look for improvements when doing so. The sum of such minor changes may well be noticeable when comparing cameras side by side.
  11. The dynamic range of a modern sensor is similar to film. The real point is that on (negative) film the “hard stop” is the shadows blocking up when 100% of halide crystals are activated, whereas on a sensor the blocking is in the highlights when the sensels are filled to 100% capacity. This is the reason why photographers who are used to slide film, which needs a reverse exposure technique, have no problems exposing a digital camera.
  12. It is unclear to me - and whether this -possible- update can be applied by the USB dock.
  13. The camera is in Leica's service program. AFAIK the only unavailable part is the sensor. Mine is getting a new LCD right now.
  14. Very easy. I deduce that you are not very experienced in postprocessing. What program do you use? Your technique for determining exposure is excellent, far better than dialing in a permanent bias. Edit: I see Lightroom. Start off by shooting DNG (+JPG). Avoid using JPG - you lose data and the alleged difficulty difference is illusory - there is virtually no distinction between the two in Lighroom but you lose quality. To begin with, in the Basic settings you can simply hit "Auto" That gives a good starting point. Move on to the other chapters and try them out. You can alway
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