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  1. Eh! Eh! Eh! ...Xmas Gift! It's a gem!
  2. Thanks for the link, very nice reviews that I never saw (I've just read the 21LUX part and it mimics my experience).
  3. That's true! They could build 24 and 21 LUX without aperture ring. If I seldom close aperture is max f2.0. @1.4 they are drawing with a distinctive unique sign. Closed down they draw like a normal '90 lens (Koelsch era) so you you can skip them and use smaller and punchier lenses.
  4. It is not so large and heavy as you might think. I find it a very nice lens second only to my preferred 24 LUX, reason is bokeh: bokeh is more present in 24 LUX and I like it very much. With 21 Lux I don't find any problem with or without viewfinder, you have to use it often so you can learn it. Suddenly mine is at Leica for repairing (front lens scratch) and I miss it for Film BW. Beware, vignetting is visible 'til 5.6 in bright light with uniform background and distortion is a bit evident with crossed straight lines. I only use it in film for reportage and obviously I have no problem wi
  5. sarav

    M calibration

    I choose a far subject to align infinity. From my window I can see a bell tower 500 meters away from me. On the top of it there's a cross and I do align the infinity to that. When lenses stop mechanically to infinity mark and patches in viewfinder are perfectly aligned the work is done.
  6. sarav

    M calibration

    the latter. First time you do it you're very scared but when you immediately learn the force to be applied it's a piece of cake.
  7. sarav

    M calibration

    I bought 3 film MP brand new and all were off with RF. I had to align with hex key. As you see in the video it's not hard or dangerous....and not! You're not crazy.
  8. Did you try it in another M-Body?
  9. sarav

    M calibration

    Try focussing toward infinity (500meters is enough), lenses should stop at infinity mark and patches in RF should be aligned on the subject. If lenses stop at infinity mark and patches are misaligned you probably have to recalibrate infinity in RF; it is quite simple with a 2,5mm Allen wrench and a little bit patience. I've got many M-Bodies and 2 only had RF spot on. So I had to learn how to align RF.
  10. A 35mm Lens f2.0 has a large depth of field from 67cm. on so RF is up to the task even if it is slightly misaligned...
  11. Ok, if you are chaseing animals or fast moving subjects, M-Camera is not adequate; otherwise you can adapt your style of picture. I'm not saying M-Camera is for every photography necessities. I utilize M-Camera for street and documentary photos and R/SL where M can't.
  12. Really? I can't understand....Velvia 50 has a very small granularity, with Imacon scanners I can scan slides at 8000dpi, I've never said: "Rangefinder is nonsense with this hires scan and fine granularity!". What rangefinder has to do with resolution? I can shoot with Noctilux wide open in the night and the phocus plane is perfect, razor sharp (with analog and digital bodies). I'm happy with HiRes sensors like the one in the M10R, I can obtain a nice and dense image, film-like. Analog and digital pictures are now more alike. I hope M11 can even better M10R in this regard.
  13. I agree...and it's boring. If you don't want/use a rangefinder there are tons of camera in the market which can mount an M-lens via adapter. M=Messsucher
  14. it seems a nice lens with an old style bokeh (which is beautiful to me) because the rendering from phocus plane to out-of-phocus planes is gradul and smooth and let the the OOF image be discernible. I'm looking for an alternative to my Elmarit-M, I'm interested in weight and size, in bokeh and in sharpness and this lens could be a winner. Newer M-Lenses are bulky, weight a tons and the rendering has no difference from focal-length to focal-length.
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