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  1. I've used onet intensively since 2009 with 2 Leica original and 3 "Chinese" batteries, at home and in travel. Works perfectly.
  2. #SN 3103036 bought in Nov. 2009 28150 actuations Sensor replaced in Feb 2010
  3. FWIW, here are some pictures with the last version... http://goo.gl/tfxOO http://goo.gl/5qYa9 http://goo.gl/FyYzM http://goo.gl/r1b9O http://goo.gl/g7fKG http://goo.gl/LMKuH http://goo.gl/m3Oah Enjoy your Ultron, it's a amazingly versatile lens, not too "clinical" and very effective in harsh light conditions. Cheers. Gérald
  4. Thanks, Pete. I'll try that and let you know. Cheers, Gérald
  5. Actually, I noticed a strange "behaviour" with a CV 15 4.5, coded as Tri-Elmar and usually set at 16mm: I hat to redo the coding twice as it was constantly, i.e., after each shot, asking for a new choice between 16-18-21mm ans was even jumping between these "automatically". Using the Bo's little cardboard device, I re-coded it and then added two or three layers of Sharpie... Seems it's working now.
  6. Ok, Pete, I'm with you. I must say that there is an obvious enhancement with my CV 15 4.5, coded as the Tri-Elmar and with both 16mm and 21 mm. Almost no more red/magenta vignetting and a very pleasant image. Cheers.
  7. Maybe, the firmware placebo effect? Cheers, Gérald
  8. Ok guys, I just had a kind and very professional answer from Eric Chan. So, that will be my choice. ;-) If anybody is interested, I'll let know the result. Cheers, Gérald
  9. Took a quick look, but didn't find a Baryta type paper, am I wrong? That's interesting. I used the Ilford profile for GFS and Epson 3880 and found that the color rendition was way off. Don't you think that a custom profile (*) would really improve the result? With the same combo, I had almost no problem with W&B and Chan's ABW profile. But I actually would like to compare with a custom profile too. Cheers, Gérald (*) Oops, you were talking about your custom profile, not a standard one. Precisely, did you see a real improvement compared to
  10. Thanks, Maurice, Ron and David. Maurice, Not really an option for me for all good reasons: - I'm not Super Kalibrator; - I already spent money and time in others devices calibration; - I don't' think I'll ever use enough paper/printer combo to cover that price, and if or when I do, the technology will certainly be far different... But I understand your point. David, An interesting offer (the "packs/circles"), but it seems difficult to order from outside the UK... Ron, As I had a excellent experience with Chan's standard ABW profiles, I'm tempted by his services. I e-mai
  11. I just opened a dispute in Paypal vs Cathy's Profiles services as it seems that she is out of business (but still steadily accepts the payments...). Now that I lost one month, I have to find another good profiler, pref. in Europe. Any advice, experience? Right now, I only found: - Eric Chan (I use his nice ABW standard profiles), but in USA - colour perfect - Home - Pure Profiles : custom printer profiling to improve your colour photo printing with an ICC profile. - PROFILES BY RICK - Home Page (US too). Thanks for any input or suggestion. Cheers, Gérald
  12. What exactly do you mean by optically incompatible ? Cheers, Gérald
  13. Thank you, Michael. It seems that there is almost as many visions as viewers. Which is not properly a scoop. ;-)
  14. gverdon

    Skaters (Study)

    Thanks, Ben, John and Stuart. Cheers, Gérald
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