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  1. No, I haven't lost my manual. I just had an on the fly question as I sat at my desk at work. Please forgive me for posting this question here instead of looking up the answer in my manual.
  2. I was just curious how does the m8 go about deciding what is the correct exposure? Like with the DSLRs there is spot metering, center weighted, matrix, etc. What does the m8 use? Oh and here is a random picture since I haven't posted anything here recently!
  3. Everyone's M8 photos seem to be leaps and bounds better than mine. I so enjoy this thread!
  4. Gentlemen, Gentlemen. No need to go back and forth to prove a point. Simply post images from the lens(es) you suggest he consider. I think that is the best way to help this brother out. And not all Voigtlander 35 1.4 images have to be a bokehlicous mess. I tend to shoot at f8-11 most of the time anyway Here is another I shot using the m2. This shows the lens can also show signs of sharpness as well. Just depends on your application I suppose. I'd suggest reading reviews and searching for images taken by all of the lenses you are considering
  5. I know a lot of people don't like it but here is a photo taken with a M8 and the Voigtlander Nokton 1.4. Has always worked just fine for me.
  6. I made this photo almost a year ago. I've been living in horror ever since and I've been afraid to post this photograph online. I think this man must have scared me to the depths of my soul. He was there waiting for me in my dreams. Lurking in the shadows of the alleys near my workplace, waiting...waiting for me to let my guard down. I've finally become brave enough to share this image with you all. He's actually the lead custodian (leader building maintenance, sorry I forget the proper title) in our building. Very nice guy. The type that will stop and talk t
  7. Jerren


    You are never on the winning end when you are at the back of a human centipede.
  8. I try to force my self to use my m8 and 50mm summicron (I know not the lens you were asking about) for street shooting and its very hard for me to not see in a 35mm focal lenth perspective. Its just what I've been used too. So I tend to go back to my Zeiss 28mm 2.8 for street photography.
  9. This is photographic perfection right here!
  10. Kai always gives great reviews for Leica Camera and M mount lenses. He loves Leica and treats the Leica reviews with a different level of respect when compared to all the other videos that he does.
  11. I was wondering if there was a way/option to format the date to the MM/DD/YYYY. I know this varies in most parts of the world but I get confused sometimes with the default format when I see something like 04/08/03
  12. You also have to consider this thread is from 5 years ago.
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