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  1. Do you think that this fault indicates heavy use in the past? If it is a weak mechanical point in the design, then they tend to emerge in heavy use.
  2. Does anyone have experience with having certain framelines getting masked to avoid having them show up and distract. A friend of mine has removed the 75/135 frame lines. He says that this is non-invasive and all the framelines can be restored during a routine service. Just wondering if anyone has done this to ANY M camera?
  3. I have a late model (sr 272xxxx) M6 TTL and the frame counter is acting up. It counts correctly although resets anywhere from 0 to +5 when the bottom plate is removed (normally it should be -2). This is caused by a slipping frame counter disk ?? and is a common issue with the Leica M6, M7, MP and M-A models, says DAG. DAG (Don Goldberg) has quoted me $165 for this repair. Has anyone had this issue? Is it common? Should I worry about it? Can I just use the camera and make a mental adjustment about my exposure count. After all, when the film stops advancing, then you just know to remind.
  4. This is very true and I thank you for this advice. Any idea when the upgraded rangefinder and DX reader came to be? Serial numbers would help. The camera I was looking at was in the 285XXXX range, so I assume it is missing both upgrades.
  5. I have been offered to purchase a nice looking M7, however the vulcanite cover is starting to separate from the camera at the top and bottom edges. With any heavy use, it will start to come off completely. As I want to use it a lot, what would the forum recommend be done and where. Possible cost?
  6. I just returned from Yellowstone National Park where I used The Canon EF 600/4.0 L IS USM II and the Canon EF 200 - 400/4.0 L IS USM with built in TC adapted thanks to the Sigma MC-21 to my SL2. The 600 was used with the Canon EF 1,4X III Extender. Focus was only possible in single shot mode and was 50% slower than on a Canon R5 or R3, but pictures were perfectly sharp. You just need to refocus constantly as you are in single shot mode and animals move. You could never tell that camera was not a Canon. The Sigma MC-21 works well on most of my Canon lenses at f5.6 or brighter.
  7. I use my SL-2 with adapter for my 21mm Lux and my WATE and have no issues what so ever. Would they work better on an M11? perhaps. But there are no issues on the SL-2, so I think there may be some misalignment somewhere in your set-up.
  8. It all depends on your style and vision, in my humble opinion. I have used the 28 Lux for many family portraits where only light was birthday candles or Xmas tree lights. Very dim but very creative; yes you could shoot at ISO 10,000 but why? The Lux also enables great subject separation from all the surrounding crap at such events. So there is a good argument here for the Lux. Also, I believe the 28 mm focal length is the widest I would use for any portrait, unless you place the subject dead centre, otherwise distortion becomes an issue. The 35 APO is a world class lens that we would all like to own. Can you buy one is the first question. One was up for sale on Ebay for $14k. This lens will show every blade of grass in your landscape shot, every stain on your subject in architecture and every pore in your subjects' face in portraiture. Is this what you are after? The APO may be too clinical for portraiture, some may think. Lenses are like paint brushes or paints to a painter. It all depends on your style and vision to unable your creativity.
  9. I just had a bad experience with a Hong Kong Ebay store called SHINPU-LABO. I would like to advise the forum to never deal with them. They play games and try to switch product after promising a good deal on their lenses. I have had great buys from Rangefinder and from AGFCAMERA, also known as All good Friend Camera. I would trust Danny at agfcamera anytime. Just wanting to let you all know.
  10. So the consensus seems to be that it is available in very small numbers - maybe 50 per month - and almost always through Leica stores. That is not many for the planet as a whole. As to rendering, I believe it is similar to the 50mm APO, is it not? Very high micro-contrast even vide open. Great for landscape and architecture in my humble opinion, not so flattering for portraits.
  11. Has anyone seen one of these at any store? Just wondering if any of you know if any are being built. Any info from any insiders out there. Even the re-sellers who like to mark up to stupid levels are going hungry.
  12. Placed my order on Jan 13 and have not heard a word from my dealer. Could be 2 days or 2 years. Since then, I have bought 2 M lenses at prices I could not refuse. Don't know if I can afford the M11 plus Visoflex plus Grip plus battery now. The Leica dealer here is like the Ferrari dealer; I keep hearing that hellish voice say:"You will do anything??? Ha! Ha! Ha!"
  13. Is this price increase a world wide increase or is it only happening in North America?
  14. Wondering if this is world wide, or just North America?
  15. As of today, RRS is still silent on their L-Plate for M11.The Canon r3 just went on sale and camera has been selling for 3 more months than m11. So, expect RRS to announce their grip in April.
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