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  1. You would think that Leica would make sure these cameras were defect free when leaving the factory at these prices.
  2. Make sure your in zone focus mode and not multi or spot. Make sure touch focus is on. Then do a long TAP on the evf then you can change it.
  3. Anyone figure out how to change the focus point size? I have tried the long tap but doesn’t seem to do anything. never mind, had camera in spot focus.
  4. I have this for my Q2 as well. its very light and as usual very well made. I replaced the Leica grip as I hated having to remove it to change batteries. only downside I find is that the “L” part is integrated and cannot be removed.
  5. Having tried this lens on my SL I believe it definitely is one of the best lenses ever made. I don’t know and don’t really care about technical lens tests but saying it is the sharpest etc wide open and doesn’t get any better when stopped down says something right there.
  6. Good friend of mine who shoots with an M both a silver and black and also with an SL and apo 75 here in Montreal feels it doesn’t make a difference for many situations. He thinks its more that you need to be stealthy. I shoot a Q2 and an SL or S1R usually with 50 or 75 and I haven’t really noticed a difference here in Montreal or in NY etc. He did an article in Cuba for LFI and used the M’s extensively and in Romania this summer he said it depended on the situation but he did take a few thousand images with the SL.
  7. Apparently the costs to differentiate stuff destined for canada would drive the costs up as much so the only hope is if they can ship direct to dealers here.
  8. Yup. If Canadian dealers cant get lenses direct instead of through NJ I will get out of Leica.
  9. Perhaps they can ship the parts to Midland Ontario and assemble the lenses there as they used to then stamp them made in Canada! LOL!
  10. I have an SL and S1R and the 90 SL and SL 50 1.4 I cannot see a difference of speed between the 2 cameras with either lens. I would suspect the 50 APO will focus as fast as the 90 which is very good. I don’t find the 50 is too slow, at least for what I use it for including street.
  11. Would like to see video button reassigned to switch between lcd and evf.
  12. Have had mine since February and haven't had a single lockup. Did have to go back for lugs though
  13. Little disappointed they didn't provide the ability to at least turn off the movie button. Reassigning and even exposure comp I can live with till next round but how much code would have been needed to just turn off the dam movie button.
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