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  1. M9P - Black MM - Black M240 - Black M246 - Black Q - Black M10 - Silver, didn't like the 'look' of black lenses on silver, but the body looks gorgeous M10P - Black, but I regret every day that I didn't get it in silver, even though black lenses on black body look perfectly fine. That said, I have a handful of chrome (original and reissue 28 Summarons, Canon 50/1.4, Canon 35/2.8, Nikkor 35/3.5) and black with chrome lenses (e.g. Canon 50/1.2, Thambar 90) which make me cringe a little from OCD every time I mount them on black bodies.... I keep telling myself to focus on the photog
  2. I've just finished reading this thread with great interest, having being on the lookout for a geotagging solution for my travel photography. I have the M240/246, along with the multifunction grip and have been nothing but disappointed with them (had I realised the GPS was THAT bad - takes forever to get a lock, and if I'm under cover for too long, it takes ages to reacquire, and my geotags end up missing/incorrect). I was hoping that the Visioflex 020 would address these problems and perform as well as the SL, but apparently it doesn't. For that, I have this forum to thank for steering me
  3. How quickly does the 020 acquire a GPS fix? I have the M240 with the multifunction grip and GPS acquisition speed is terrible. If the camera has gone to sleep for 5 minutes, it takes more than a minute to acquire a GPS lock again, which means I end up with no GPS coordinates for my shot.
  4. I've been using a Fenix 5X to log my track but recently been wondering how quick and accurate the GPS tagging is with the M10 and VF020 combo. I have the M240 with the multifunction grip, and GPS acquisition takes an unpractical amount of time
  5. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but I've recently started using the M240 for video in my travel series, and noticed that all my videos are in 16:9 aspect ratio. As I'm on the go at the moment, I ask for your understanding and apologise in advance if this has been asked before How do I change the video recording aspect ratio on the M240 to use the full sensor (4:3 or 3:2?) instead of 16:9 Help appreciated, thanks!
  6. Installed. Will be monitoring performance and issues. I have a trip coming up and will be depending on my Ms for the job.
  7. sigh. This 'cosmetic' problem just cost me $360 bucks. Got the warning, went out and bought two batteries last week, then discovered this thread and realised i just wasted my money. I'm sure there's something unethical about Leica's failure to notify customers of this known bug (I'm registered on Leica's system with my email address, and receive their email updates). I'm guessing they aren't officially acknowledging this problem due to the risk of being held liable for returns.... *sigh*
  8. SN #4341*** Cracks in the top right and bottom left corners Mine's an M9-P black. Goes everywhere with me, has under 5000 shutter actuations. Leica SG is replacing the sensor under warranty - mine's in the queue for work to start in mid-April and it should be ready for collection sometime around the last week of April.
  9. I'm actually rather pleased with the Canon 50/1.2 LTM lens on my MM. Rendering is a little less clinical and harsh, and contrast is a little lower, which gives me a little more latitude to work with in post, but that's just my opinion
  10. The M9 already has 28mm framelines, so I don't usually use an external finder for it, hence no issues using it with wired or wireless triggers
  11. White collared executive job, around USD5k-6k a month before taxes. Tax rate is around 12% IIRC. Petrol is approx USD1.80 a liter, and in that little island, there are 80 electronic toll gantries where you get charged anywhere from USD0.85 to USD3.80 per pass.
  12. Yeah? beat this - the price of an Audi TT in Singapore is.... SGD228,000 = USD186,000 = EUR145,600 Not including road tax, registration, and insurance. And that's for the base 2.0T model, not the S-line one. And it's the FWD model, not the quattro
  13. Thanks, Heiko! I'm from the sunny island of Singapore myself, which is just 2.5 hours from Bali. Never been there, but I'm guessing there's going to be quite a bit of nature and temples to shoot. Will certainly work on the portraits and some candids of the wedding. Not sure if it's going to be at midday, but I know what you mean about the midday sun!
  14. Beautiful work! I'm attending a close friend's wedding in Bali in December, and will be looking to challenge myself with my 35 and 50 crons, inspired by your work! Any suggestions or tips for someone shooting for the first time in Bali?
  15. Try higher ISO. Or taking photography lessons on exposure.
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