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  1. The different systems each sound superb. I will learn more about them. Further, attending a workshop at the level of Hahnemuehle makes great sense. Thank all of you for concrete and usable suggestions. Additionally, I am now aware of a post Processing Section, which I should have found independently. Thank you.
  2. The links you have provided are much appreciated. Just what I needed. A superior monitor also makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much.
  3. As a recent and very happy owner of the M10M, it dawns on me to tap the wisdom of this forum for recommendations for a high quality printer. Does a printer dedicated to b & w exist ? Assuming, inkjet, can one limit the inks used to the different blacks and grey ? I have not had this much fun since the sixties. And now, I do not have to decide between Tri-X, Plus X or even Panatomic X. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  4. Could not agree more , good analogy about disconnected spec sheets . I have 16-35 and have used it well. Not only superb but , a bonus, when pressed, the lens is fairly forgiving. Between 16-35 and 75 , all most need. Add remarkably versatile 24-90 and 90-280 , onus is now almost entirely on the photographer to produce. Once SL 2 offers in body stabilization , no more yearning Interesting comparison and comments in this thread ; actual owners of 16-35 recognize and appreciate; short supply of new copies and limited secondary sales , support their satisfaction
  5. Thank you for this superb shot and your X1 experience - interesting and helpful
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