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  1. A simpler, lighter and less expensive M without video? Nice! Apart from my beloved modified M3, THIS would be the digital M I would get. For me, the perfect digital M would be the same as the M film camera but just digital. My eyes glaze over when I'm confronted with a camera loaded with switches and buttons and the need to rifle through various menus. It's why I've stayed away from digital Ms so far. The M 262 is a very good sign and if the simplification continues into future Ms, I will definitely get one for sure
  2. A VERY interesting camera from Leica. I loved my D-Lux 4 when I first shot with a Leica (okay it was a rebrand, but let's not quibble now). I loved auto focus when I had it and now you can manual focus as well with the Q? Nice. And it's a FULL FRAME. Bonus! Massive pixels count versus my little old D-Lux AND it focuses faster! As much as I loved that little D-Lux, it had a bit of a lag when you snapped a shot. You get used to it, but still....(had to unlearn that lag when I went all manual with the M3). It's a bit out of my price range but hmmm.....very tempting. It's actually hard for me to decide, really whether to go Monchrom or Q. Either way, bravo Leica!
  3. I actually like this idea of having no LCD screen. You don't know what you've got until you can download your files at home. You need to trust your abilities and go for it like a film camera. Sadly, being a limited edition this will be out of reach of most, myself included. I hope the new owners of the M60 will actually use it and not store it in a safety deposit box. It would be nice if a future iteration of the Monochrom had no LCD screen. Or, if Leica made this as an option whether or not to include a LCD. The less I have to deal with on the camera, the better experience I have shooting with it
  4. Love the shot. Especially how they aren't just bunched together like in a group shot
  5. Agreed. A very lovely couple
  6. I don't think you should be too disappointed. I think you've made some very fine captures. The old man wearing the headphones made me chuckle. Thanks for posting!
  7. Anjolie


    Very nice set!
  8. Nice set but the first 2 shots are my favorite
  9. It was really interesting to see other people's work as a print rather than viewed on a computer monitor. As always, I had my camera with me and found this shot. Leica M3 and 50 Summicron
  10. It pains me sometimes to see people plugged in and so disconnected to the world around them. A very nice social commentary
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