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  1. One of the Farina designed ADO 10 series. Possibly a Princess R ?
  2. "NO PARKING FIRE LANE" Wilson was you car on fire?
  3. Dear Ronald, sorry to hear the screw heads make you sick. What would have you done with them?
  4. Good morning Rona!d. I doubt it. If it had been such a rare machine I probably would have taken its photo. In the fifties a friend of my father and a neighbour had a 356A Carrera in which I would go to "Lakeside" with him. It seems like a road-rocket to a teenage boy. Lakeside Park | Queensland Raceways (qldraceways.com.au)
  5. Have a go Wilson. If you name it, I will post the next.
  6. Good morning Nigel, or good evening over there. I don't know whether the S1 was the UK launch car. I imagine there were a number of signal orange cars.
  7. I remember when the M5 was new. As we all know it was bigger than the M4 so the black M5 was preferred as it didn't appear subjectively as big as the chrome version. The black chrome on subsequent cameras was not to the same standard as the M5.
  8. John, I was amused by your qualification of "a certain age". I assume at seventy fourt that includes me, particularly as IMHO lived through and thoroughly enjoyed the Golden Age of Motoring. Will look for a difficult car to identify.
  9. https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/a-study-in-metalwork-1954-arnolt-bristol-bolide
  10. What an unfortunate way to treat such a classic.
  11. Good morning Rona!d. Agreed. My favourite sports car of the thirties, and I have tried a few. A friend of mine had the 328 (which I was able to drive at Phillip Island in 1978) and which had won the 1948 Australian Grand Prix at Point Cook, an RAAF air-force base in Victoria. A recent edition of The Automobile had an excellent article by Delwyn Mallett. Until the eighties, when investors started buying collectible cars, we could buy many of the greats for the price of a modern; maybe a fraction more. Sadly not today. Today I could not afford or would not want to afford buying many o
  12. po Apologies Charles. Don't know why I wrote that. The original slide is titled Aston Martin & ??? MM 2013. Must have had a "seniors moment". The "car on the right" is usually seen without the hood erected. Some have covered driving wheels.
  13. Hello Wilson. Not an SS90 Jaguar.
  14. As no one got it, here is the next, and I mean the car on the right, not the Frazer Nash that is following.
  15. Here is a shot, taken from the passenger seat, posted some years ago.
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