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  1. Dear Stuart, IkarusJohn got it a few days ago. Whether its a three and a half or four and a quarter is impossible to know.
  2. Philip, in the thirties all Derby Bentleys had rearward facing mascots. After the War the forward facing was introduced to allow the bonnet to be opened without having to turn the mascot forward and out of the way.
  3. Note the upside down headlights as the car is in the Southern Hemisphere
  4. Yes, I was wondering how to disguise them.
  5. Good morning/evening Pippy, If it helps they were not made in the same country. The body on the green car was made in Australia. Pre-war there was considerable tariffs on imported car bodies to protect the local industry. Sadly many beautiful (I am told) bodies were chopped off their chassis as they sat on the wharves waiting for Customs clearance, and the bodies pushed in to Port Phillip Bay.
  6. Charles, did you notice the body builder? In the meantime I will find a photograph of a spark plug !
  7. Yes to both, which will narrow the field considerably.
  8. Wilson, one wonders whether Rolls-Royce had heard of "unsprung weight"?
  9. Having changed many Bentley and Rolls-Royce wheels, I recognised the wheel-cover immediately. It was and still is an unusual process of removing and replacing the wheel-cover with a large aluminium ring spanner. The wheel nuts had clockwise and anti-clockwise thread depending on which side of the car. Stuart I will now look for something impossible.
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