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  1. ibramr

    Dark church.

    Greetings. Is the subject matter here a good opportunity to use HDR? With a third shot with one more EV added to the two above discussed by a.noctilux, a composite can be very promising. Please share your views. Thanks.
  2. ibramr

    Heart Attack Time-Almost!

    #MeToo as I am months away from 65 years old, and concerned about my equipment whereabout. I am also concerned about the possible damage to the equipment in my many hikes and walks as I pronate heavily and trip off easily. I bought camera insurance and now no longer even think about this risk. Time and peace of mind are more precious and the insurance premium is worth every penny paid.
  3. Likaleica, Kindly explain and elaborate on your opinion on the qualitative comments in the two threads. Thank you very much
  4. NW67. Wonderful shot, but which Noctilux I wonder. Appreciate your advice. Thank you.
  5. ibramr

    What's the best option?

    A year or so ago I contacted Luke and asked for his advice with respect to upgrading the MM to the M246. He promptly replied and kindly shared with me his experience with both. I followed the spirit of his advice and acquired the M246 in a manner that would allow me to compare it side-by-side to the MM. Did so, and.....ended up with keeping both, thus replicating exactly his status quo shared above. No question I enjoy both—but if I have to keep one, most of the time, it will be the M246. The M246 often gives me a cleaner file to work with. The MM does not disappoint and should give its user years of wonderful service. So maybe the choice should be determined on the cost of each rather than based on the difference between both. I am sure that you be happy with either one. Regards.
  6. ibramr

    Mono CCD price

    Take it easy on yourself Jeff. The MM sees little use compared to M246, but every time I use the MM, I change my mind too. Jeff and All, enjoy in good health.
  7. ibramr

    Biogon 21/2/.8 vs CV 21/1.8 vs SEM 21/3.4

    In comparison to the 21SEM, Henning's description of the Zeiss 21/2.8 above echoes my experience. In terms of haptics and construction, the SEM was more of a "stable" solution. By "stable" here, I mean that its unlikely that I will revisit the decision to acquire the SEM for some time to come because of output quality, construction, size, look, feel, and consistency with other Leica lenses. The Zeiss provided me with excellent service (particularly compared to an earlier Elmarit Leica pre ASPH with its E60 filter size), and the reservation on its usability reflects more on my shortcomings than on the lens itself. If time is of the essence, as it is the case for me in my mid-sixties, the SEM is a difficult choice to beat. I have no experience with CV, but given possible sample variation, it is generally unlikely that I would consider it. Enjoy in good health.
  8. ibramr

    Summarit 75mm

    While do not have M10, on M9 and M240, the summarit 75mm was the backdoor to acquiring the Summicron 75mm APO. It was very good, and an excellent introduction to this focal length. Enjoy, but be careful, you may take that route too. Regards.
  9. ibramr

    7artisans 50mm F1.1 Leica M Mount

    Mirekti.....With a model like that, any lens will be marvelous. Happy Birthday.
  10. ibramr

    Did the 75 APO suddenly get “popular”?

    Possibly so. And my theory is that the reasonably priced 75mm Summarit introduced this focal length to much wider base of users. As many of those users became comfortable with this focal length, the logical step for many was to acquire the APO, hence, the increase in demand and price. At least, this is my experience. Good luck in the hunt for a good sample. Regards
  11. ibramr

    Convince Me That I Need APO 50 Cron

    B-A-C, This is a very good decision, particularly, if you are in your forties—you still have time to consider. If you are like me in mid sixties, then, I am not so sure. Mind you, the Summilux is a superb lens and should give you many, many long years of wonderful service. Enjoy in good health.
  12. ibramr

    Convince Me That I Need APO 50 Cron

    Greetings. Here are the three reasons to buy the APO. Firstly, we only live once. Secondly, it is that good (and it will shine more on the Monochrom). And thirdly, you can. Enjoy in good health.
  13. ibramr

    Choosing btw 35 and 50.

    +2, but suggest starting with 50mm. It is perfect on M body.
  14. Agree with a.noctilux. Summicron Asph V1 would be my choice. Regards.