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  1. Finally, i bought a new battery... but i needed to install the last firmware to leave the snapshot mode! I don't undersant why i put my M9 in snapshot mode! Thank friends for your help!
  2. Wonderful picture, lovely eyes!!
  3. Here you are! The battery is quite old...
  4. i think it'a an old battery... thanks for the answer!
  5. Thanks for the answer. The battery is aprox at 90% of capacity... for this reason i don't understand the S mode...
  6. Hi friends. First of all, sorry for my English, i'm trying to improve my vocabulary... I have a problem with my M9. If i press the button menu, i only view this If i press SET, i view The button ISO doesn't work, i this the battery is charged... Do you know what happens? Thanks in advance!! Best regards, Marc
  7. Nice picture, nice place and nice people!!
  8. Hey, Teids, have you been in Barcelona? ;-) Nice pictures, look Leica 100%!! Cheers! Marc
  9. I really like the woman's expression. Nice picture!
  10. Good pictures, spectacular car!
  11. I like the picture, the movement, buildings, city.....
  12. Spectacular!! Please show are more pictures of Lhasa, I'd like to go someday...
  13. Amazing picture! Congrats! Regards, Marc
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