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  1. One tip, do this in the bathroom after hot shower... The humidity will remove dust from the air so it will not go under the screen protector whan you put it on the LCD screen. Also if you get much dust particals under the screen protector during set up you can wash then with soap und warm water. Exact procedure you can find on the Expert Shield website... Happy assembly...
  2. Hi, I recommend this Anti-Glare screen protector from Expert Shield. It will reduce almost all reflections and camera LCD screen can be finally used in the bright sunlight. It is not hard to put it on and if you mess up it is posibile to start over. The Expert Shield gives a lifetime guarantee and are very customer friendly company. When I purchased Anti-Glare screen protector from Expert Shield for my Leica SL2 I got two screen protector and also two for the top LCD screen. I think this was some kind of sale action or something, don't know... Their screen protector is strong, easy to put and
  3. I tried this on my SL2 with a black dry board marker to se how it look. You can easily delete that...After that I sold my SL2 and purchased SL2-S. But not because of black logo even if he looks cool. I like other advantages of SL2-S over SL2. Mostly for video... I will make me a sticker with ARRI logo and put it over SL2-S black Leica logo on my SL2-S. I want to confuse even more other photographer. Here where I live, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina, almost nobody know what camera I use. I don't know why... When I first got my SL I alway said when asked what that camera is that is ne
  4. My goes also hard when I put is inside. It is narrow but acceptable hard fit. I never play with it because I am afraid to scratch or brake something inside… Otherwise no problems with it… I also had one third party one but it wobbled a little when is used so I purchased a Leica original. Sorry for errors… English is not my native language so I tried Google translate…
  5. I tried to update lens firmware for my 24-90 SL but the camera, my SL2, stated that the update file is same version as current version. I already have this lens firmware for 24-90 SL installed before. It is lens firmware 1.2 from the last FW update... Nikola
  6. Hi I also taped over the LEICA brand name on my SL. Also the Red Dot but it was not that necessary because it is a little bit hidden on that place where is put on. Until now I never taped over the logo on my Leica cameras. But on the SL the LEICA logo is to big, with the white capital letters that are easily visible. I noticed that some people want to read when they spot something that look like a text. Leica logo is easy to spot on the black camera from some distance. Probably it is some subconscious reaction to need to recognise something if it is spotted. These things are used in marke
  7. Thank you for the input on OIS batt. consumption. This is good to know as I always shoot handhold. From now it will be always on. I don't chimp or use GPS or WiFi. One time when I was shooting in theater I got almost 680 shots before the batt. was down. I have 2 extra batt. with me all the time. Even if I don't need them it is good to have. Nikola
  8. How much power OIS in 24-90 use when is on? I have huge tremor in my hands and if I shoot under 1/250sec. you can notice it in the photos. I try to have OIS on as much as I can but I am afraid that it will drain the batt. About possible image degradation I don't worry. Nikola
  9. Hallo to everyone in the Leicaland This is my 3. post here but I am long time reader and follower of LUF. I find this place excellent knowlege base where you can find everything you want to know about the Leica and photography general. I am Leica M user almost for almost 13 years. My first purchase was used Leica M6 and after some time I sold her and immediately regret it. In 2010 I buyed the Leica MP that I still have, use and it bring me lot of joy. My first digital camera at all was the Leica M Monochrom that I buyed new by Leica dealer in the Germany on the January 2013. I got her i
  10. Thank you all for a quick response on my help call. This Leica MM is my first digital camera or Leica. Before I was 100% film shooter (still have my Leica MP) I had no idea that sensor can get so dirty... I know that on some point I must do some kind sensor cleaning but still... Actually I never noticed anything on pictures until last month. Perhaps because I shoot most of the time at night or some dark places with very high ISO. I allways thought that is a camera grain (noise) Thanks for your help, now I know the right procedure how to menage this problem of my. In next 10 days I will go
  11. Hi everyone, this is my first post on the Forum. I hoped to post something nice but... Here is my first "shot in the sky" ever. I always had one single lens on my MM, never go out to shot on bad weather or on some dirty places,,, I never dare to clean sensor by myself or send it to someone for cleaning service... Almost get a heart atack when I look at my computer screan and sow this. I am not a sensor expert but this looks very bad... What are you thinking? What is all that? Dust, oil spots or something worse... Should i try to clean it myself or send it right away to Leica? Still have
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