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  1. Your are right! Its also "limited" in features😉, but I would rather call this liberating.
  2. Am I right, that it is not possible to read out the shutter count of a M-D 262?
  3. For the completition: 5150172 resides in Switzerland.
  4. Leica Store Berlin has one for € 4995 right now. I use mine almost daily since last fall. Simple and a pleasure to use.
  5. I enjoyed mine yesterday in Zurich. I forgot how comfortable to use this tiny lens is...
  6. Zurich Bahnhofstrasse
  7. While testing the Thambar without the filter, the special bokeh/sonut rings where there also. And I feel the same: For some photos it works great, for others not really...
  8. Another one from my testround at 2.2. The lens has definitely something special with this glow...
  9. As written above, I tested it on my M-D, so no EVF or liveview. I think its a lot about practice and experience, then it works also without the EVF. What I liked a lot is, you get almost two lenses in one. I used it without the filter, which made it easy to chance the aperture. And your photos are definitely well made!
  10. Examples from a test round with the Thambar. As I have an M-D 262, it was a but of an trial and error mission, but I'm strongly thinking about adding this lens.
  11. Ich hatte einmal eine 0 und hin und wieder überlege ich mir, doch wieder eine zu kaufen. Das Handling hat man schnell drin und mit den Bildern war ich zufrieden. Auf Flickr findet Du glaube ich auch etliche Beispiele.
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