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  1. I presume that the strap from the "Drifter" set is not available as a stand alone. I`m looking after a decent broader webbing strap for my M-D. Any suggestions? It does not has to be with faux python leather...😉 Best Stephan
  2. After a while without a 35mm, I found a 35 1.4 pre asph in our local Leica store in Zurich. It came fresh from a service from Leica Switzerland. The first shot are just short i perssions how the lens draws, but its interesting how different it renders in color or b/w.
  3. First photos with my new 35 1.4 pre asph on the M-D
  4. I`ll stick with my Summaron...
  5. My main 50mm is the Canon LTM 50 1.2. Does anyone can say how the Heliar compares to this old gem? Best regards Stephan
  6. Interesting setup. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Rome - Via Appia Antica, M-D, Summaron 28
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