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  1. Rome - Via Appia Antica, M-D, Summaron 28
  2. Using the M-D as my main camera, I like and 7nderstand their approach. Always nice when brands don´t follow the main road.
  3. Ich bilde mir ein, dass im Leica Store Konstanz noch eine stand. Ruf dort mal an!
  4. Your are right! Its also "limited" in features😉, but I would rather call this liberating.
  5. Am I right, that it is not possible to read out the shutter count of a M-D 262?
  6. For the completition: 5150172 resides in Switzerland.
  7. Leica Store Berlin has one for € 4995 right now. I use mine almost daily since last fall. Simple and a pleasure to use.
  8. I enjoyed mine yesterday in Zurich. I forgot how comfortable to use this tiny lens is...
  9. Zurich Bahnhofstrasse
  10. While testing the Thambar without the filter, the special bokeh/sonut rings where there also. And I feel the same: For some photos it works great, for others not really...
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