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  1. octo

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    I understand it's Seville next year? 12th of October, maybe?
  2. octo

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    Leaving in 1/2 h. Looking forward to see you all.
  3. octo

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    180916 Lyon Instructions (sm).pdf Pete, does this work?
  4. octo

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    I called them up and they do exist! They said they really give onto the concourse.
  5. octo

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    James, too bad you can't make it: we'll miss your company.
  6. octo

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    Very sorry not to enjoy the pleasure of your company
  7. octo

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    Hôtel Saint-Paul 6 Rue Lainerie, 69005 Lyon We'll arrive on the 11th and recce on the 12th.
  8. octo

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    Sorry everyone, I have been a bit busy and didn't see time flying. I will attend the Challenge and bring a photographer friend with me but I'll pass on the dinner, regrettably, due to a morning take-off on Sunday for work. Elisa will not be with me as she is also working on a creation. Looking forward to see you all!
  9. octo

    BC Formen / Shapes - the VOTING thread

    #9 Sun Clock - 3 pts. #8 Chapel Viaduct - 2 pts. #10 Fossilised ammonite - 1 pt.
  10. He'll go a long way!
  11. octo

    Rome Challenge - The Results

    I confess to # 1 All the ones I had painstakingly researched didn't pan out; Went into the church to pray for inspiration and, lo and behold, this is what I saw when I emerged; time was running out. Thanks to those who chose to include this picture in their votes.
  12. John, This attitude does you credit, but with all due respect to Dr No, Uliwer and thomas_schertel, you didn't choose the winner: we did; and it's got nothing to do with organizing or not. They are not associated in any way and if your picture turned up tops, so be it! Your status didn't imbue it with magical powers. So, well done, once more, John, and congratulations to Dr No and Uliwer and all those who keep this thread alive and well!
  13. IIIg + Elmar 3.5/50 Tmax 100 Bonnard Museum