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  1. Jennifer

    I get it.

    I've heard this before. Bizarrely, it seems that there are people out there that actually buy and wear a watch for the purpose of telling the time ............ Personally, I have great difficulty in even reading my watch especially if the ambient light is either a bit too bright or a bit too dark, but given it's both very beautiful and an example of the very finest Swiss mechanical horology it's not only a pleasure to wear, but it's also a pretty safe bet that the time it displays is more or less spot on ............on those rare occasions I'm able to read it.
  2. Without wishing to take anything from all the learned, technical comments above, does any of it actually matter?? For me, more to the point is 1: will it be any easier to focus a 75mm Noctilux wide open than my 75mm Lux, and 2: will lugging it around for a few hours result in less neck/shoulder ache as compared with it's slower bedfellow? If those questions sound a tad benal please just put it down to female vapidity, ignore me and go back to your discussion lads
  3. Had the same problem with mine albeit it wasn't brand new it was still less than a year old. Leica took it back and fixed it for free.
  4. Accepted. I had considered buying the SL, but fundamentally I'm wedded to the M for many reasons, some out of pure nostalgia, and others for good reason not least of all my not insubstantial stable of M glass. That being said, it cannot be beyond the wit of Leica to produce a high quality external EVF for the M for those of us poor souls who through age and visual decrepitude require a little assistance from time to time.
  5. Apparently, Leica did start to develop a dedicated external 3.6mp EVF for the M10 but dropped it as being too expensive. Given the Visoflex, is old technology, partially obstructs the shutter dial, and was clearly never designed for the M, I'm in two minds as to whether it justifies its £490 price tag. I think I'll see how I get on without before deciding whether focusing with my old eyes or framing with my one 21mm lens makes it either an essential or, at the very least, a worthwhile accessory.
  6. I'd agree, new babies are very expensive. However, IME, it doesn't end there, they have this unfortunate tendency to grow into even more expensive children, adolescents and then, more often than not, far from costless young adults too. And the rub is, unlike your Leica, you can't mitigate your losses by selling them ........ well not legally.
  7. "Magic"? Hardly, but thank you for your kind vote of confidence. Yes, I have gone for it. Given the collapse in the value of the £, I can't see how Leica can hold their current UK pricing for long.
  8. I just received an email from Leica Mayfair confirming that a silver M10 which I expressed interest in a couple of months ago is ready for collection if I still want it.
  9. Might be the photographer, but I rarely get anything out of my M246 that doesn't require some post processing. Personally, I find the unprocessed images flat and unpleasing. It's only when I tweak them in LR or PS that all that digital information is brought out. As for filters. Surely, all that faffing around with physical filters adds to the b & w film 'nostalgia' of the M246 as does discovering that you've left the specific filter you 'absolutely need' at home? Seriously though, the M246 is a great camera but, unless almost all you want to shoot is b & w, I'm unconvinced it
  10. Bear in mind that if you buy the M10 in black you'll risk confusing it with your forthcoming(?) M10 Monochrome.
  11. Precisely I'm long sighted and need +1.5 or +2. Without I find it very difficult to focus accurately especially the longer FL's
  12. I'd calibrated the monitor to 100 cd before printing
  13. I just started dipping my toe into printing some of my images using my new Epson SC-P800. I'm sure it's user incompetence, but although I've calibrated my iMac monitor with an x-rite i1 and am using the right paper profiles, my prints are coming out substantially darker than on screen. Can anyone offer me some advice?
  14. A question related to thread topic. Now that I'm for all intents retired and have time on my hands I'm tempted to try my hand at printing some of my portfolio. I realise that as pretty much a beginner I have a whole lot to learn and have started to read from the various resources available. My question, given the above, is whether it's worth me investing in a high end printer like an Epson P800 or a Canon Pro-1000 or would I be wiser to start with something more modest? Just by way of information, I guess that around 50% of my workflow is in B&W from my M246.
  15. Jennifer

    Leica M 10

    Lump of coal! lump of coal! ...... pure luxury ................ we might get tiny piece of kindling .... if we was lucky. (all said in a Yorkshire accent, though probably lost on our American cousins and those not of a 'certain age' ) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgsdSOhW1mU )
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