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  1. Very Nice. Whenever I go out with a beautiful lady I always say “ Hubba Hubba” when I first see her .... Try at your own risk
  2. I agree with Fotogrfr. I have more lenses than I need. I mostly shoot with M6 and 50mm Summicron with BW film. Not sure I really need everything else...
  3. I bought a 2nd hand M8 about 8 years ago. It is still my primary camera. I am very happy with mine. Enjoy what you have! M8 is an amazing machine. I just wish I was a better photographer. In my case - the camera is not my limitation. Comments about wide angle compatibility are valid. I am not a super wide angle user - so non issue for me
  4. I find flying to be a matter of perspective. You can choose to be grumpy or you can count your blessings and be amazed at the miracle of flight taking you to exotic locales. Unfortunately - sometimes I really have to talk myself into it....
  5. Looks like a nice camera. I am always surprised by how we judge others by how they spend their money. That said, I won't be purchasing one anytime soon....
  6. I use an inexpensive panorama serip with rotation about the nodal point of the lens It is a lot of work to set up and use. However stitching goes perfectly i think only really necessary if you are including foreground objects in composition
  7. I wonder if they are related. Spelling is different? https://gomarquette.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=3949
  8. A disappointing corollary to this is that R lenses cannot focus to infinity with the visoflex. This leaves only the older visoflex lenses for use. Visoflex lenses can be used and focys to infinity. on R cameras with an adapter.
  9. I will second Davids recommendation to read link he previously provided http://elshaw.tripod.com/Visoflex/Visoflex.html
  10. Jaeger. You have to understand that only lenses designed for the visoflex will work and focus to infinity. All of these are longer focal lengths with 65mm being the shortest Some lenses - the 90mm elmar for example have a removable lens head that can be placed on either a rangefinder focus mount or visoflex focus mount. The visoflex foxus mount is 41mm shorter to account for the thickness of the visiflex. (See photo - head in front with viso mount on left and rangefinder mount on right
  11. I almost always shoot in manual mode. If I don’t know the exposure I will manually move mirror out of the way th use the in camera meter. In either case I always take a test shot and check the histgram. Then all is well Helps prevent errors Note - the viso also blocks the ambient light sensor so the exif estimate of exposure will be wrong in this case - I think I shot at f/6.8, 1/750th, ISO 160. If scattered clouds I like to use an automatic exposure. Light changes unexpectedly. With the viso setup I just have to adjust exposure every time the sun goes behind a cloud
  12. I enjoy my Viso iii with telephoto lenses https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/290269-mt-evans-wildlife/
  13. Not sure about alcohol policy. I think alcohol is only banned during select times where people tend to overconsume. For example - July 4th
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