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  1. Ha ha, not too bad in practice though. You don't notice the wrist straps as they are on your wrists (and prevent accidentally dropping and losing you gloves). The gloves are definitely bulky, but you only use these in really cold conditions (when the rest of you is probably equally bulky with layers). Anil
  2. After trying a few gloves without luck, I got the HEAT 3 SMART gloves recently and really like them. Super warm for regular use (even at negative F temps) and I can fold back the outer layer for camera use (though not for more than 10-15min straight in very cold conditions). They seem to be very thoughtfully designed for the most part. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KKMX6R2/ref=pe_385040_128020140_TE_3p_dp_1 Unfortunately they command Leica like prices as well. BTW, they seem to run a little larger than normal, so you may want to check their sizing guide before purchasing. Anil
  3. I would agree - Billingham Hadley Small would work very well for your need. Depending on the actual lenses, you can probably fit five lenses even (two one each side and one attached to the camera in the middle). The weight though, is another matter :-) Anil
  4. A quick note on the suspiciously super cheap noctiluxes on eBay - be very wary :-) I ended up purchasing one for $6000 which never shipped (of course) - I had to go through eBay money back guarantee to get my payment refunded. After that I noticed the exact same lens being listed at least twice (I know because the pictures used were exactly the same). What most likely happened was that the scammer was using hijacked ebay accounts to list the lens - you could tell because these were all different accounts, with very little recent activity and most of the activity limited to low price list
  5. Just following up on this. I checked with a Leica rep myself and he told me that this is not unusual for the Noctilux. Kind of strange, given what this lens is. Thanks to all for your help. All in all, I'm still left a little uncertain though. Anil
  6. BTW, he also mentioned that according to the Leica rep he spoke with, this is not unusual for the Noctilux 0.95. This is puzzling as I have not seen this generally mentioned by anyone online. Anil
  7. The seller was testing this with an M240 and mentioned that he saw this for both this lens and a previous Noctilux F1 he had rented. I will ask him to test using liveview as well. I have also asked him if he saw this with any other lenses. Anil
  8. Hi all: I'm currently considering the purchase of a used Noctilux 0.95 and the seller tells me that the lens focuses slightly past the infinity position - i.e, when focusing on distant hills you can focus past that position. When doing search on this topic (on this forum and elsewhere), there does not seem to be a consensus data/opinion on this. I've even seen a comment about how this implies back focus at nearer focal lengths. Have people had used a noctilux which had this characteristic? If so, has it affected focusing at other positions? Or is it just that the infinity stop is
  9. Cool, thanks - good to learn a new concept. So, from what I can tell, depth-of-focus refers to the "tolerance" for the image plane within which you can still attain focus (i.e., an image plane equivalent for depth-of-field which is for the object plane). Is this really such a big driver of focus for something like the M9 which (I'd imagine) has a pretty flat image plane? I think this was a concern for film cameras (due to buckling and misalignment and such). This also seems to be a much more important factor for microscopy and telescopy where the eye is at the image plane and there's a
  10. Hi 01af: I'm curious what "Depth-of-focus" is. I know what dept of field is, but have not heard of depth of focus before. Can you provide a brief description? Thanks Anil
  11. BTW, great pictures Peter! Especially love the third one - wonderful feeling comes through when I see the picture. Anil
  12. Interesting discussion on this thread so far - definitely convinced me that the 90mm apo is worth buying. Unfortunately for me I was not able to convert the purchase, but thanks to this thread, I will not hesitate the next time I see a good deal on the 90mm APO :-) Somebody was mentioning the disadvantages of short focus throw for accurate focusing - I think that's a great point. I think a lens like the 50mm Summilux-ASPH which has a longer throw than the 50mm cron probably needs this when wide open - if you need precise focusing. With a lens like the 50mm lux, you really need the prec
  13. Thanks everyone for your feedback. This has been extremely helpful; I do have a 1.25 magnifier and I had used it on 90mm lenses before with good results (these were Elmarit-M and a Tele-Elmarit-M, both of which unfortunately front focused). Anil
  14. Hi: I have a chance to buy a 2002 model 90mm Apo lens for my Leica M9 and I wanted to check to see if it's more trouble than not. I've looked through several threads on this topic on LUF and at the end I'm still unclear. Often I've found that one's biases tend to influence how one interprets the threads - in this case, I really want to buy the lens :-) If the camera is reasonably well calibrated, what are the chances of a used lens bought online to have focusing issues - I seem to see more posts about this particular lens than other lenses (it could be that I'm just noticing these mo
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