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  1. It does actually work quite well with glasses. For setting focus the displayed image is a bit small, a selectable 6-7x magnification might work better than the 5x, but they do not provide this option, so could be better but good enough.
  2. Due to the lower megapixel support it does not use the whole screen real-estate, so the projected image is smaller than what it would look like if the VF was attached to an M11
  3. I just saw they have a separate version for the M10-D, it is just not mentioned in their release note. Uploaded it and it works quite well. The small image size is a bit of a pity but they have been transparent about it. Can't have it all.
  4. The M11 folks should stop reporting all those bugs, it just causes distractions to get our job done
  5. May it be May then, maybe. - I have a suspicion they are holding it back, so all M11 users can get an EVF first (and they only have one option). If too many M10 users upgrade then M11 users are out of options and face waiting times for the EVF. This EVF device was in development supposedly for quite some time (I assume minimum 1 year), and so that is ample time to develop a firmware for the M10 alongside. I also bought mine in March in good faith that they deliver on the March announcement.
  6. It is April 2nd and they still promise it on their website for March. Very poor communication. If they can not keep timelines then at least update the website (and maybe say sorry that they did not meet timelines). https://leica-camera.com/en-US/product/visoflex-2-black
  7. Good thing this is out of the way, now they can focus on the M10 FW update to accommodate the new Visoflex, 3 more days to release it on schedule...let's see if the M10 team beats the M11 team in making customers happy
  8. M10D with 35mm Summicron IV
  9. Of course, the rangefinder has severe limitations and was never designed to work with super fast lenses (though it does) or zooms because they had not been around, or long tele lenses. It is amazing how Leica kept it relevant over the decades. Kudos to Leica. I am using with pleasure an M7 with a 0.85 viewfinder and a 35 mm lens. This whole frame line advantage is gone and I do not miss it because the focusing advantage has priority for me. It’s great to use a rangefinder as a legacy experience and it enables great pictures, but I think it is now an impediment to innovation. Rangefinders also do not have screens. If we want to be purists, then only the D versions should be a allowed. So yes, bring on an EVF-M and Continue to evolve the OVF-M as a D Version only, true to its heritage.
  10. that might be a consideration, but I would prefer to upgrade
  11. How about they skip an M11-D and offer the M10-D community a sensor replacement upgrade path to the M10–R sensor? Shouldn’t that be possible without too much effort?
  12. Hm, maybe they should also offer a Visoflex in BP so the paint can wear off, it ages well and it doesn't look as much as a foreign body any more over time. They could also make a revolutionary a la carte top-plate with that thing built in (SL-like) which would be quite stealthy. Otherwise, love the new design.
  13. - operations certified from -5 to +45 celsius (or give that to the Safari model, which should come for a change in British racing green 😉) - carbon body
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