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  1. If there is a new EVF I hope it is half the size (height) compared to current ones. As for the rest, it would need to be more revolutionary than the current rumor base for me to upgrade from my M10-D. Like pay-for-performance based software enhancements: e.g. an indistinguishable Kodachrome look/preset right out of the box, square or 8x10 modes, an IA based visualization of vantage point, an AI-base zone system visualization... can all be done in post with extra time but if the camera saves me time this is great (and money).
  2. It's a great shot! - Would you mind sharing how exactly you did it? I am still trying to figure this out.
  3. This might be it for the M10 iteration of this concept. But I think it is more likely than not that we will see a new one at some point, maybe as an M11-D. And then hopefully we have bluetooth vs WIFI, a fixed power wheel, a more comprehensive app to set lenses etc, a better visoflex integration, perhaps an EVF (I would love that even though it breaks with a tradition) or hybrid VF... Would I upgrade? Not sure. Would I get one if mine died? Sure.
  4. Btw, I use mine with a Luigi case, which very much prevents the power wheel from moving accidentally. - Makes it thicker and heavier, so not for everyone.
  5. Thanks, was taken with the M10D and a 35 lux, and pure luck hanging out on a rock in Croatia when a couple of kids came by and jumped into the water. That's the "thrill" of the MD, you don't know until the evening what you got during the day 😉 I love this way of shooting, like with a film camera, delayed gratification.
  6. I still like it and see no reason to change to a different M10. Never had any of the reported issues. I wonder how many were sold.
  7. Konica Hexanon 50mm f1.2 on an SL2
  8. I think this is a welcome incremental advance but for me not enough to upgrade from another M10 family member. IBIS and EVF would be more meaningful to me. BTW, still waiting for a Q35 or Q50.
  9. So I was having this several times again now. I am wearing glasses. Possible this is related to the frame as it goes away when I reposition a bit. Strangely this has never been an issue on the SL. They might have changed something between SL and SL2.
  10. Thanks, I have not tried your suggestions yet because the issue has not yet happened again, it is very sporadic. But I will try asap. -
  11. thanks for confirming a similar issue!
  12. Thanks, all! Seems a sporadic issue then for some of us. What is strange in my case is that it happened 2-3 times, but not right away when the lens was mounted, but after a few shots taken normally.
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