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  1. I didn't change the default and because the Finder verifies the file was modified I can assume it is saved into the DNG. Sadly it seems from what people have kindly posted above, that Photos is unable to use those edits. Which leaves me it the choice of exporting to .tiff and never revisiting the edits (which would work fine for the vast majority of them), or staying locked into Lightroom forever. Hmmn.
  2. Thanks. Yes with storage space prices tumbling, I might just do that, set up a batch export of the whole lot.
  3. Before I take the plunge on becoming a LightRoom subscriber I wanted to experiment with using Apple Photos as an alternative. I have thousands of photos edited in LR. I have as far as I understand it, saved the edits in LR (command-S). The Finder tells me the files were modified when I made the save, so I assume the edit information has been written to the file. When I import the file to Photos I don't see the edits, the file is in its unedited original state. Does this mean Photos (latest version) can't read LR edits? Or am I missing a simple step?
  4. Yes, valid point and it's why I stayed away from iPhoto at the beginning, and why I wish I had stayed away from iMovie. With LightRoom you know where your files are. I know with Photos/iMovie it is only a question of right-clicking and selecting Show Package Contents but it is still a bit scary that the app is moving your stuff around.
  5. Yup, I hate subscription models too and have held onto using LightRoom 6 for as long as I could but the upgrade to Big Sur and my new M1 Mac Mini means the LR installer will no longer run. I'm in the same boat as you and have reviewed dozens of alternatives, kindly suggested by many on this forum. In the end that is the conclusion I came to as well, and having spent years with LR in its various versions I know how to use the bits of it I need and have found all the other packages to be frustrating. I understand the frustration of a subscription service but I think most
  6. I'm not sure where to post this https://www.macrumors.com/2021/03/29/leica-camera-from-former-apple-designers-auction/ A prototype Leica camera designed by former Apple designers Sir Jony Ive and Marc Newson is heading to auction in June.
  7. My experience: I decided to get the absolute minimum (256GB/8GB RAM) because it was on immediate delivery, and any increase in spec was on a longer lead-in and my home-schooling daughter urgently needed a machine. My thinking was influenced by one of the (countless) YouTube reviews I watched which reasoned the entry level model is so well priced that you can risk running it for a while and selling it used for a reasonable chunk of what you paid when you want to upgrade, plus you get the benefit of its warranty and then the warranty on the upgraded machine in the future. 256GB is jus
  8. Twenty years. Well well. Have we figured out which lens to take on holiday yet?
  9. M9 with 75 'Lux is my weapon of choice too.
  10. I considered that but feel the risk of LR and/or the Mac giving up half way through and leaving files in an uncertain state is too great. Both the Mac and its owner are not in the first flush of youth. I'm doing command-A, command-S, year by year. It's been churning away in the background all day. Half way there now. Of course my backup strategies see the files as changed and therefore requiring backing up.
  11. I know, I spent yesterday evening reading the threads on here about it, and many elsewhere, and I can see both sides. I can see that people feel let down having paid full price over the years, I can see they fear that Adobe will "own" their photo libraries but I can also see that LR is still probably the best out there and for the price of one fill of petrol (gas) - here in the UK - everything is taken care of.
  12. Fixed. It seems the problem is High Sierra. Adobe released V6.14 which fixes the problems but, although there are loads of discussions on forums explaining this, they all point to Adobe's download page which has since been removed. Adobe only provide downloads for current products, not legacy ones. I had to find it on a Torrent site. I won't post a link to a Torrent site here but if anyone comes across the same problem I will happily share via Dropbox the 6.14 patch, it's a 505MB file. Meanwhile, phew, all my photos are back. Now I need to think of either migrating awa
  13. It's not like High Sierra is new and untested.
  14. Well that (unplugging attached drives) didn't work.
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