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  1. Quite old thread, but anyway.. I just got the 35mm summicron v.4 and it's even smaller than the current 28mm elmarit! Definitely not a modern look in the pictures (specially wide open), but they look great on the MM. Wide open, highlights have a kind of halo that gives a special look. Stopped down and paired with the Monochrom it delivers great image quality. This lens has its character. salut
  2. My Monochrom has never locked/frozen in 6 months of continuous use.
  3. Thanks guys. Yes.. quite obvious what I said. Im originally from Barcelona and it's quite nice there too, for street photography. Martin Molinero ,for example, is one of the great talented street photographers there. salut,
  4. After spending a long weekend in London, I no longer agree that anyplace is equally good for street photography ..potential good-street-photo situations where popping up constantly, something I struggle to find in the small city of Bergen. Walked for more than 8 hours every day, and enjoyed every moment of it. Gotta go back soon! leica MM / 50lux asph salut!
  5. I always shoot on discreet mode on my MM (latest firmware) and from time to time the shutter does not re-cock automatically... well, it does, but after some seconds. When that happens, if I slightly press the shutter, half way.. it re-cocks immediately. A small workaround for a problem that happens not often. salut,
  6. I really enjoy my kit: Monochrom and MP with 50lux-asph and 28 elmarit-asph. salut!
  7. For me, the only problem with the M-E is the lack of the usb port. I always use the usb cable to download the pictures to my computer, and it has always worked great. I dont like taking continuously the card in and out of the camera.
  8. Not for me either. The future (for me) is still to make beautiful prints. Salut!
  9. Thank you guys for your comments. Greetings from Norway,
  10. ..Budapest. Leica MM / 28mm elmarit salut!
  11. MM and MP for me. I always shoot black&white, but yesterday I bought a portra160 roll, to try out on the mp. Let's see how that goes.. regards,
  12. Thanks for your comments. Had to hold the camera just a few centimeters over ground level to get the desired perspective, so no possibility for looking through the viewfinder. Therefore composition was kind of a guesstimate.. and it did not come out "right" at the first attempt. Luckily there were plenty of women like her, coming to "greet" Christ. It would have been more difficult with my MP, where I could not have checked the outcoming results on a screen ..by the way, the MM is just amazing. salut!
  13. July 2013 Leica MM / 28mm elmarit Salut!
  14. Thanks for your comments. I agree about the sad mood.
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