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  1. 2 image stitch Rixensart Castle, Belgium. M9>50mm CZ. Sonnar.
  2. Don't rule out the 75 Summarit, I think it is underrated amongst the L fanatics... https://www.leicaimages.com/photo/40763 https://www.leicaimages.com/photo/40876 https://www.leicaimages.com/photo/38766
  3. M9 35mmCron. Pontremoli, Liguria, Italy
  4. The last image is the best but that crop has pixelated...
  5. I would just clone away the posts as the mountain is important I am originally from this part of the world, thanks for sharing the lovely images!
  6. JC It captures well his difficulties. Well Done.
  7. Bill Thanks! I pull the saturation down till the colour is just about to disappear.
  8. One more from the Dim Day In Paris Series.
  9. Thanks Guys! Your observations seem to go on the same track as mine, appreciated.
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