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  1. A very fairy tale looking castle. Is it my imagination, but I get the feeling one could wade across to the castle.
  2. tamas

    der Kaffee-Thread

    Erkennen sie das Durcheinander?
  3. Ah! die alte Außentoilette. Öffnen Sie die Tür und Sie fragen sich...... wann ist das letzte Mal, als jemand auf dem Sitz saß?
  4. Sonica hello, Yes I too experienced this very same issue a few months back when I paid my subscription for this year. I found my credit card being additionally billed for the previous two years subscriptions, with the same answer as you received when I queried it with LFI. I am really surprised it took them so long to wake up to the problem. As I am in the habit of retaining all my statements - bank and credit card , I was able to check and true enough found that my previous two online payments had not appeared on any statement for the years' 2019+2020. So I was happy to let the d
  5. Restroom + toilets and museum. Please note: facilities unavailable during conducted tours.
  6. A wild guess here: the shadow cast by the emerged ballistic missile looking cone.
  7. I too originally opted for 1, ( reason as given above) then having clicked on the photo and viewed it with black background changed my mind to no. 2 as I find it more intense. For what it's worth to help me with these quandary decisions after having cropped a photo in Lightroom, I click on print to view how the image would look printed that usually the decider for me.
  8. Ah yes! A crane... of the none winged type. A new much needed housing development perhaps in a rural idyll?
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