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  1. I am interested in the M10-R, but will wait for pictures and opinions. My interest comes from the fact that I have an M(240), and I think it would be a big leap to go to the M10-R : silent shutter, better rangefinder and telemeter, higher sensitivity, and of course higher definition. But, wit and see.... Maybe in 2021 ?
  2. It looks to be a very good opportunity, for buyers (very good M-P 240 camera at low price),.... and for Leica trying to sell the last remaining M-P 240. But, even if it is an "old" technology, the M-P 240 is a good, reliable camera, delivering very good pictures when opened properly with a dedicated software. For sure, the second hand market prices for M-P 240 will collapse, but people who bought a Leica for making photographs don't care !!
  3. Go to Capture One !! But I agree with you, 24 Mpx are largely enough.
  4. You won't be disappointed !! I did the same 3 months ago, and I am very happy with the M-P.
  5. Screw ? Which screw ? Personally, I don't see it any longer. I would have to ask people I have shot....
  6. I have had the same experience with C1, and I couldn't pull through with the library. This function doesn't work quite well, contrary to LR.
  7. I just entered my TAN number through the Leica site, and I was directed to a site called "arvato Bertelsmann" who sent me a small software. I clicked it and everything was very straightforward from then. I got my licence number and could open LR6..... that I don't use yet because of the bugs.
  8. I had LR5, and upgraded my M9 to an M-P by the end of March, with which I got a TAN number. I tried it just a week ago...... and was offered LR6 by Leica That said, I find LR6 not yet finalized, as subject to a lot of bugs. Thus, I went back to LR5 yesterday evening, waiting for these bugs to be solved.....
  9. Yes, that's the basic need. Otherwise, if it worked like as slow as an EVF, I won't go to it.
  10. If you look at this website : http://konost.com/?page_id=6654 which is mentioned in the article of lavidaleica, you will see how it could work. But we must expect this electronic RF to work faster than the EVF. Otherwise.....
  11. The M9 I had for 3 years was perfect to me..... if there were not these flaws with the sensor. This doesn't seem to be the case withe M240. I got an M-P by the end of March (upgrade), and I am very happy with it : high ISO, silent shutter, better dynamic.... I don't use the LV very often, but it helped me some times in difficult conditions. I don't make movies. RF is good for me, and the M240 body is perfect..... and M Leica lenses more than perfect !!
  12. I don't use EVF (I find it too much bulky, and I love the small size of the M), but I agree with a higher and better sensor sensitivity. More resolution ? 24 Mpx is enough for me. I don't want Leica running in a Mpx competition with MF sensors or Japanese camera makers.
  13. That's the problem, David. If the votes are 50/50, it's only because you adjusted the pictures to look alike using Lightroom sliders. It would have been better if you hadn't do it. And anyway, we know that rendering depends a lot on the used software (LR, Capture One, DxO, etc.). Thank you for your effort, anyway. The pictures are very good for both cameras, and you can achieve excellent results from either, using only some light adjustments.
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