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  1. It seems that there was an incident but no M11.
  2. If you like surprises, don‘t read this thread?
  3. The Ortlieb bags are not suspended by straps to the handlebar but are fixed by some special mechanism. Do you have any experiences (or egg tests done) with these bags?
  4. Stefan, thanks. Both cameras were manually set to the right time, but I needed to change the time zone after international travel and the problem started. I have connected the SL2-S now first time to the Foto app (an unstable experience) and changed the time zone again. That was sufficient to correct the wrong timing. Patrick
  5. Hello out there, choosing the same settings for date and time on the M10-R and the SL2-S (GMT+1 Wetzlar), Daylight Saving Time on), the M10-R shows the correct time of 5:40 am and the SL2-S shows 6:40 am. Has anybody else encountered that phenomenon? Thanks, Patrick
  6. If I remember correctly, I used the lens update firmware that was provided on the SL2-S homepage, put it on a SD card and used it with my SL 601 to update the SL lenses. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Ken, please accept my apologies. I should have checked my reply more carefully for typos. But I appreciate your response and I am trying to learn from it. Patrick
  8. Hi Keen, thanks for the explanation. Patrick
  9. Ken, could you give some explanations how you developed the swampland raws to pictures? Thanks in advance, Patrick
  10. Even as the M10P is not supported, something changed with the new release (20.0.2). It seems to me that the M10 DNG files now show better colors with the DNG neutral as well as with the M10 profile. But the problem is not completely solved. There are still artifacts and very much desaturated colors happening when you change the luminance or cold noise reduction too much.
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