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  1. @Alistairm, who is this technician you've found in sydney?
  2. Thanks for the kind words! I'm a wide angle junkie. A much tougher task than a nifty fifty or short tele, but well worth the effort with the correct framing.
  3. So if you swipe with your fingers now when your using liveview (swipe up or swipe down), it doesn't take you to image preview?
  4. no, an image preview remains on the screen when you don't want it to. So when you grab your camera to shoot you have to get out of the preview screen. try it, swipe the lcd when in live view. It's pretty annoying especially when you try and conserve the battery.
  5. 'our' daughter? I think we need to do a paternity test...
  6. I don't use it for Wedding Work. Use of dual card slots is pivotal for me as safety comes first.
  7. of course, if you use the EVF exclusively and not the LCD you will not encounter this problem, but when shooting with the LCD, this is a problem.
  8. Hi guys, further to my review and thoughts on the Q. Is it just my Q or when you swipe the screen vertical either way it brings up previews. However, you may not want this, as I don't as when your walking around with the Q hanging from your neck, the rubbing on your clothing brings up the previews. Thus consuming power and keeping the camera on. You can't turn off touchscreen in the menus. just a thought to see if you guys have come across this. Cheers, Van.
  9. oh, just fixed the link. Thanks for the pickup. Enjoy!
  10. Hi guys, as a Wedding Photographer, these are my thoughts on the Q, albeit with what I use it mostly on, my daughter. I hope you enjoy. My Leica Q review kind regards, Van.
  11. Hi all, I haven't been on in a while. Just to update on what is happening. Leica Australia is offering a full replacement. So some happy news to end this drama. kind regards, Van.
  12. I wouldn't be silly enough to use the M's exclusively for Weddings. I have D4 and D800 as backups. But still, very jaded at the moment.
  13. For those without any problems with their babies, I'm sure you don't and all the best wishes to you and touch wood. There are those that apparently have been cursed by the little red dot. With each and every problem, confidence gets lower and lower. I'm not an enthusiast who can sit on the sideline whilst this again gets repaired either.. as a pro tool, the equipment needs to be much more stable and the support service when it goes down needs a much better and streamlined process. Nikon and Canon bend over backwards for their membership. Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but this product isn't
  14. Thanks, I have made contact with a Leica Australia representative, will discuss in the morning. I really am at wits end. I love Leica when it's good, but absolute hate it when it's bad... as do we all.... cheers,
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