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  1. howiebrou

    Neoprene or rubber case for M

    I use an Artist and Artisan neoprene case similar to the Leica one, although i can not fit my M + Noctilux in it.
  2. howiebrou

    Neoprene or rubber case for SL

    Well i am going to order the RRS base plate. I will let you all know what i think. It looks good quality certainly. One question for LD_50. Presumably the RRS plate does not affect the balance of the SL, i.e. it sits stably on a flat surface? Thanks.
  3. howiebrou

    SL 50mm 1.4 slow AF compared to summicron?

    Thank you. Unfortunately I am not...
  4. howiebrou

    SL 50mm 1.4 slow AF compared to summicron?

    Renting is nigh impossible where I am so i need to rely partially on member comments and then a quick trial in the shop.😞
  5. howiebrou

    SL 50mm 1.4 slow AF compared to summicron?

    Lovely. Will send you my email by message.
  6. howiebrou

    Neoprene or rubber case for SL

    Can you provide a link to the cheaper base plates?
  7. howiebrou

    SL 50mm 1.4 slow AF compared to summicron?

    Could you post a photo of a close up with the 90mm wide open? I would be interested to see how small the depth of field can get. Pretty small I would imagine.
  8. howiebrou

    SL 50mm 1.4 slow AF compared to summicron?

    I'm not a speed demon. In fact I'm taking some time getting used to the Q after having used M lenses only for so long. But if I am going to buy an AF SL lens with all its bulk, it should be worth it in the AF department. My Sony R1X1mkII used to really annoy me with its hunting. I find the Q better. I will certainly try them as you have suggested but it's always good to get feedback from long term uses. A short spin with one can only tell you so much. We need a JD Power survey on cameras!
  9. howiebrou

    SL 50mm 1.4 slow AF compared to summicron?

    Mind if i ask another question. Knowing what you know now, if you were starting anew, would you plonk for a 50mm summilux or wait and see the summicron?
  10. howiebrou

    SL 50mm 1.4 slow AF compared to summicron?

    Kind of the info i dreaded hearing. Any idea if the new firmware might have improved things or is it inherently a design limitation?
  11. I have read a few articles saying that the SL 50mm Summilux has a rather slow AF mechanism compared to the zooms and the summicrons. Could one of the owners of the summilux who may also have experience of the zooms and even better the summicrons chime in? I am looking to buy my first SL lens and if i am going to lug around a big lens for AF, i would hope that it has fast AF. Of course i would prefer 1 F1.4 aperture but not if it keeps hunting for focus or is discernibly slower than the summicrons. If the 1.4 really is a bit slow i might instead wait to try the 50mm summicron or go for one of the existing summicrons. Thanks for any comments.
  12. howiebrou

    Nocti vs 50 APO

    I have the Nocti (in Silver) APO summicron (in silver) and i sold my 50mm summilux (in silver). I use my Nocti about 90% of the time. It is my 'carry only one lens' lens. I'm now starting the use the APO more but the Nocti with the SL EVF is lovely to use. Compare it to my previous Nikon D3, 80-200 2.8, 24-70 2.8 and 17-35 2.8 and the Nocti is a featherweight!
  13. howiebrou

    Strap and Handgrip with RRS-L Plate

    Rock and Roll straps are supremely comfortable for across the shoulder carrying. I have 3 for my cameras and they are wide enough to be comfortable, soft enough to not irritate and springy enough to allow some bounce. I wear my cameras behind my right hip so they don't keep banging as you walk. Highly recommended. You hardly feel the camera weight.