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  1. If i haven't updated my M10P firmware for a while which one should I update? Can i just go the most recent one?
  2. Yes. I could almost have tolerated it if it had actually been repaired!!!!!
  3. My SL90mm Summicron was sent in because it had a 'lens communication error' with both my SL and CL. M lenses worked fine with the body. A few months later it arrived back from Wetzlar with a certificate saying everything checked out and yes it did not work. It seemed as though the technicians hadn't even checked anything. It's now on it's way back to Wetzlar this time with my SL as well even though there doesn't seem anything wrong with the body. So i will miss my lovely EVF + M lenses for a few more months
  4. If i remember correctly the M10 Safari does come with the leather accessories. I never used my ones from the M240 Safari but i think they are included this time too.
  5. I can just about accept a new lens breaking down but when it is away for a further 2 months and comes back the same it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Come on Leica, you can do better!
  6. Wasn't the safari kit actually cheaper than buying the combo separately? Seems the Safaris are not priced super-high which is nice. I wouldn't pay double just for the colour change but a few hundred bucks in okay.
  7. Time to provide feedback. My 90mm SL summicron arrived back from Wetzlar today which brought great excitement. IT DOESN'T WORK! To say i am annoyed is putting it mildly. Exactly the same issue remains. Tried it on both my SL and CL, which work fine with other CL lenses and M lenses. Spoke to Uwe at Leica and he was very nice and promised to look into it but come on Leica!!!!!!!!!! This is more than enough to make me dump the whole SL system. The invoice from l Leica (free as in warranty) doesn't really mention much as you can see. What to do now as I have a trip in 4 weeks!
  8. It was only for the 240. None for the M10 yet that i know of. Thorsten has a safari lens hood now too.
  9. Safari. I wish it was a standard colour!
  10. Buy it in Hong Kong. You might just get it for 5500 pounds.
  11. No, not yet! I still think I might just have to go up a size to avoid the vignetting.
  12. That‘s exactly why they don’t offer it!
  13. I played with the 24-105 F4 for about 15 minutes and it's a nice lens but i did notice that the AF was not particularly quick and could not focus on objects behind a glass display. I will reserve judgement until i can play with it more. My 90mm F2 SL is not much better, if at all in the AF department.
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